30 Awesome Hand Drawn Wallpapers Designs

Desktop Backgrounds are the fantastic choice to decorate your Computer Screen. Stunning desktop wallpapers makes your work environment more fascinating and it tends to elevate your mind-set.

You may personalize your Desktop with Wallpapers like Animals, Cartoons, photography, Actor/Actress photos, and much more. Apart from these, we come up with a lovely artistic wallpapers collection . This set of free desktop wallpapers carries hand drawn pictures, scenic wallpapers, and a lot more stunning artistic backgrounds.

Feel free to download the below given 30 creative desktop wallpapers and dress up your desktops artistically, for the next 30 days.

1. Happy Farm


2. Artistic Animal


3. Autumn Stroll


4. Thai Boat


5. Abstract Swirl Design


6. Boundary Waters


7. Lead


8. Woman Wave Colors


9. Through The Ancient Valley


10. Super Mario Level


11. Epic Mickey Loading Wallpaper


12. Quiet Afternoon


13. Above The Clouds


14. Skyrim Concept


15. Battle on The Black water


16.  Artistic Cute


17. Artistic Women


18. Winter Wallpaper

Winter Wallpaper

19. Cyan Dream Mk.II HD Set


20. Hunting Season


21. Drawing Wallpaper


22. Fun Europe


23. Fantasy


24. Water


25. Landscape


26. Mythology


27. Bursting Passion


28. Tekkon Kinkreet


29. Graffidirti II


30. Creativity


30 Best Free Retro and Vintage Wallpapers

This time, we start our Blog with an evergreen proverb – Old is Gold! Each and every day, most of us have a thought moving towards the recent trend. But, you must agree that the trends we using are made with the inspiration of the old one. With that kind note, we are glad to offer you a post of “30 Best Free Retro and Vintage Wallpapers”.

Apart from Wallpapers, Vintage styles are the recent trend in clothes, bags, architectures and also in website layouts. These below given Retro Vintage Backgrounds are made using rich colors, post-modern arts, flowery textures, grunge elements, and much more.

Get ready to move backward to the 20th century by using these free vintage wallpapers, and offer a Classy look to your desktops!!!

1. Lost


2. Round and Round

Round And Round wallpaper

3. Transparent Leaf

Transparent Leaf wallpaper

4. Dark and joyous


5. Vintage Cat

Vintage Cat Wallpaper

6. Art Heals


7. Retro flowers


8. Ojos Brillantes


9. Poppies in Vintage Asian


10. Steampunk Wallpaper


11. Retro Wallpaper Poster


12. City or City wallpaper


13. Logos on Wood

Logo’s on Wood HD Wallpaper

14. Expression


15. Vintage Scene 


16. Retro


17. Explore Wallpaper


18. Retro Wallpaper

Retro Wallpaper

19. Cloud 9


20. Mac Vintage Wallpaper


21. Vintage Schwinn 1


22. Ice Cream Wallpaper


23. Retro mess


24. Apple Super Vintage

Apple Super Vintage HD Wallpaper

25. Nanami Cowdroy Wallpaper

Nanami Cowdroy Wallpaper No.2

26. Retro Brick Road


27. City scape


28. Geometrics wallpaper


29. Itty Bitty Living Space


30. Retro Concepts

Retro Concepts Version1.6

25 Free HD WideScreen Wallpapers for Desktop

If you are the one looking to decorate your workroom or desktop backgrounds with some visually appealing wallpapers yet high in quality, here you can find such cool and free to use HD wallpapers inspired of wide-screen appearance. Hope you may find this inspiration helpful and will enjoy using these free HD widescreen wallpapers.

Normally a wide-screen or full-screen representation works well in both web design and wallpapers, and makes them beautiful as well.  So we have decided to share such interesting HD wide screen wallpapers here. I’m sure that you will be tempted about looking at these high definition wide screen wallpapers, where the variety ranging from creative arts, fantasy illustrations, games, nature and photography. Feel free to download and use these wallpapers as you wish.

1. Enchanted Forest

 Enchanted Forest

2. Life Nothing without Love

Life Nothing without Love

3. View from Burj Khalifa Dubai


4. Harbour


5. Epic 2013 Movie

Epic 2013 Movie

6. Remote Colony SE


7. Spider Man Shattered Dimensions


8. God of War Ascension Ares


9. World of Tanks Battle


10. Tomb Raider Game


11. Colorful Candys


12. The Bridge


13. Wreck It Ralph 3d Movie


14. Lifeguard


15. Social Media


16. Escape from Planet Earth 2013


17. Gameglobe Game


18. 3D Sunflowers


19. Splashing Waters


20. Bloxeh


21. Frog


22. Dragon Castle

Dragon Castle

23. Eve Online


24. Spring Daisy Flower


25. Concept Car


25 Free 3d Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds

We everyone knows that we can find thousands of desktop wallpapers online. But when there is no time to go throughout them all, what should we do? Of course, we should prefer to look at some of our favorite websites to download wallpapers suggested to be the best from them. Now we are here to suggest you such interesting variety of 3D wallpapers for desktop backgrounds.

It’s always much scope for 3 dimensional (3D) wallpapers. Whereas 3D wallpapers are the great source of inspiration for the people in the world of creativity. And there are huge number of fans out there for such 3D style designs and wallpapers. If you are one of those 3D lovers, just go downwards to get more creative and cool variety of 3D desktop wallpapers. May be any one of these wallpapers can make you inspired of it, or help you get some innovative ideas to use in your designs. You can download these 3D wallpapers for free, and make your desktop background screens realistic and closer to you..!

1. 3D Chess

3D Chess

2. 3D Heart

3D Heart

3. Composition in waiting

Composition in waiting

4. 3D Wallpapers

3D Wallpapers

5. 3D


6. Archigraphs Penguins Wallpaper

Archigraphs Penguins Wallpaper

7. Abstract Tangled lines

Abstract Tangled lines

8. Dream Walk

Dream Walk

9. 3D Design Wallpaper

3D Design Wallpaper

10. Harvest


11. Stellar 3d spheres

stellar 3d spheres

12. Heliox GI

Heliox GI

13. Sphere Series IX

Sphere Series IX

14. Abstract Glass World

Abstract Glass World

15. Horns


16. Digital Art Santosky free01

Digital Art Santosky free01

17. Spiral Orbs

Spiral Orbs

18. Chromatic Spheres

chromatic spheres

19. A Muse

A Muse

20. Mush Wallpaper

Mush Wallpaper

21. I Day Dream

I Day Dream in 3D

22. Pod Anakin

Pod Anakin

23. 3D Music

3D Music

24. Dilly Rank: Gamer

Dilly Rank Gamer

25. Golden Spheres

Golden Spheres Wallpaper

20 + Free HD Wallpapers for New Year 2013

We have been come to the end of this year 2012, whereas the New Year 2013 (Twenty Thirteen) is coming soon.  We will be getting ready for the celebration plans for this New Year after the Christmas.

To welcome this New Year 2013 happily, we start up with free HD New Year wallpapers from our side. By using these HD wallpaper themes, you can decorate your desktop screens, work rooms or cabins etc.

And these New Year 2013 wallpapers may help you get your own spirit, hope and plans or proposals for making this New Year something special.

We wish you and all, a very happy New Year in advance! Enjoy this New Year with more joy and full of happiness. Just get a new start for the new beginning in this New Year, and forget all your sorrows. Hope this New Year will be a successful year for all of you..!

1. Happy New Year Balloon And Clock Picture

Happy New Year Balloon And Clock Picture

2. New Year Wallpaper #151

New Year Wallpaper#151

3. Happy New Year 2013 Quotes Wallpaper

Happy New Year 2013 Quotes Wallpaper

4. New Year Wishes Messages Wallpaper

New Year Wishes Messages Wallpaper

5. New Year Wallpaper #147

New Year Wallpaper#147

6. New Year Wallpaper

 New Year Wallpaper

7. New Year Wallpaper #144

New Year Wallpaper#144

8. New Year Wallpaper #157

New Year Wallpaper#157

9. Happy New Year Messages Wallpaper

Happy New Year Messages Wallpaper10. Happy New Year Motivational Wallpaper

Happy New Year Motivational Wallpaper

11. New Year Resolution Wallpaper

New Year Resolution Wallpaper

12. Happy New Year Hanging Bell Wallpaper

Happy New Year Hanging Bell Wallpaper

13. Happy New Year 2013 Wallpaper 1

Happy New Year 2013 Wallpaper 1

14. New Year Wallpaper #152

New Year Wallpaper#152

15. New Year Wallpaper #162

New Year Wallpaper#162

16. 2013 Wallpaper

2013 Wallpaper

17. 2013 New Start Wallpaper

2013 New Start Wallpaper

18. New Year Wallpaper #150

New Year Wallpaper#150

19.  New Year Images

New Year Images

20.New Year Wallpaper #146

New Year Wallpaper#146

21. New Year Wallpaper #149

New Year Wallpaper#149

22. New Year Best Wishes Wallpaper

New Year Best Wishes Wallpaper

23. Happy New Year Quotes Images

Happy New Year Quotes Images

24. New Year

New Year

Santa Claus HD Wallpapers for Free Download

Hope you have really enjoyed all our special sharing at this Christmas festival season. As we already brought you some HD wallpapers for Christmas in general, here we would like to share you some cool desktop wallpapers of Santa Claus in High definition.

Yeah, here in this collection, we have included some high quality free Santa Claus wallpapers, which might be something special and interested for Kids. Father Christmas (how Santa Claus is called actually) is the favorite symbol of Christmas and very closer to the Kids, as it is hopeful that he makes a list of all the children’s good needs, and then visit their homes for delivering the presents as well.

Get him to your home now immediately by picking one of these following Santa Claus HD wallpapers. These free Santa HD wallpapers will make your desktop backgrounds much funnier, and help you get into the spirit of Christmas joy as well. Just grab this collection of Free Santa Claus HD Wallpapers as our gift for this Christmas!

1. Santa Claus Family

Santa Claus Family wallpaper

2. Santa and the Bank Robbery

santa and the bank robbery

3. Santa Claus Pirate

santa claus pirate Wallpaper

4. Merry Xmas

Merry Xmas Wallpaper

5. Santa Claus Reindeer

Santa Claus Reindeer

6. Jolly Santa Claus

Jolly Santa Claus

7. Santa Claus Arrived

Santa Claus Arrived Wallpaper

8. Santa Claus and Nature

Santa Claus and Nature Wallpaper

9. Wallpaper Freebie for December 2012

wallpaper freebie for december 2012

10. Meeting with Santa

Meeting with Santa

11. Santa Claus

Santa Claus

12. Christmas Reindeer Rudolph

Christmas Reindeer Rudolph

13. Snowman and Santa Claus

Snowman and Santa Claus

14. Santa Claus Presents Tree Planet Snowflakes

santa claus presents tree planet snowflakes

15. Santa needs a GPS

santa needs a gps

16. Santa Claus Wallpaper HD 2

santa claus wallpaper hd 2

17. Santa Claus Art

Santa Claus Art Wallpaper

18. Santa and Xmas Gifts

Santa and Xmas Gifts Wallpaper

19. The Real Santa Claus Wallpaper

The Real Santa Claus Wallpaper

20. Santa Claus is Coming

Santa Claus is Coming Wallpaper

21. Holiday Lantern Rabbit Santa Santa Claus Squirrel Trees Winter

Holiday Lantern Rabbit Santa santa claus squirrel trees winter

22. Santa Claus in a Wagon

Santa Claus in a Wagon

23. Vintage Santa

Vintage Santa

24. Santa Reading Xmas Note

santa reading xmas note Wallpaper

25. Santa Claus Wallpaper HD

santa claus wallpaper hd

26. The Great Santa Claus

The Great Santa Claus

27. Santa Claus and Friends

santa claus and friends

28. Santa Claus Animated Wallpaper

santa claus animated wallpaper

30 Free HD Christmas Wallpapers for Inspiration

In this Christmas holiday season, as a part of your Christmas preparations, you might also be interested in decorating your work room or computer screens too. And so we have brought you some incredible HD wallpapers for Christmas, which will also be a beneficial collection for you in this time.

Even while these Christmas wallpapers are high definition, yet you will get them for free for use on your own. Get into the spirit of Christmas, simply by downloading one or more of these Free HD Christmas wallpapers, and enjoy using them for your personal computers or desktop screensMerry Xmas in advance …!

1. Christmas Santas

Christmas Santas HD Wallpaper

2. Christmas Widescreen Decoration

Christmas Widescreen Decoration

3. Christmas Painting Artwork Tree Peoples

Christmas painting artwork tree peoples HD Wallpaper

4. HD Christmas Balls

HD Christmas Balls

5. Merry Christmas 3

Merry Christmas 3

6. Christmas Tree of Love

Christmas Tree of Love Wallpaper

7. Santa Clause Xmas

Santa Clause Xmas

8. Christmas Santa Claus in the Sleigh Dump

Christmas Santa Claus in the sleigh dump HD Wallpaper

9. Christmas Lighting Candles

Christmas Lighting Candles

10. Merry Christmas Wreath

Merry Christmas Wreath Wallpaper

11. 25 December Christmas

25 December Christmas

12. Shining Christmas Day

Shining Christmas Day

13. Christs Born

Christs Born

14. Snowman Christmas Gift

Snowman Christmas Gift

15. Warm Holidays

Warm Holidays

16. Birth of Christ Celebrations

Birth of Christ Celebrations

17. Colorful Gifts for Christmas

Colorful Gifts for Christmas

18. Christmas Town HD

Christmas Town HD Wallpaper

19. Christmas Tree and Presents

Christmas Tree and Presents

20. Xmas Song

Xmas Song

21. Merry Christmas Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas Happy Holidays

22. Christmas Valcano

Christmas Valcano

23. Santa and Xmas Gifts

Santa and Xmas Gifts Wallpaper

24. Small Gift for Xmas

Small Gift for Xmas

25. Chromatic Xmas

Chromatic Xmas

26. Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

27. Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts HD Wallpaper

28. Arctic Christmas

Wallpaper Arctic Christmas

29. Christmas HD Wallpaper

Christmas HD Wallpaper

30. Santa Blessings

Santa Blessings