15 + Best Websites to Download Android Apps

As we all know about the official home for android marketplace that is already out there, we everyone started and increased using & downloading such unique yet diverse range of android applications to our devices directly. While in the same time, we can also find some other app store websites for android apps download, which help you get the best from their extra-beneficial features or efforts like user-reviews or ratings and so on.

Here in this time, we are going to feature such beneficial collection of best android marketplace websites for free android apps downloading. Start grabbing the list now and make use of these free android apps download sites for finding the best free android applications yet to be your favorites…!

1. APP Brain


2. Into Mobile


3. Mobile 9


4. Free New


5. Handan go


6. Android Zoom


7. Play Android


8. Slide Me


9. Panda App


10. Android Soft Free


11. Insyde


12. Get Jar


13. Android Applications (Phandroid)


14. Android Tapp


15. Tech Live


16. Android Freeware


17. Open App MKT


18. Tech Support Alert


Best Android Apps for Designers/ Developers

In this modern world, the growth of mobile technology is getting higher and higher. As we all know, the People are thinking their mobile as a good companion, entertainer, etc. Since, Android rules the mobile world today; we have come up with a topic “Best Android Apps for Designers/ Developers”.

Web designing/developing is the best way to earn more income in less amount of time. So, we got an idea of helping you with some Best Android apps for developers and designers. The Below apps will not only useful for experienced Designers, but also for upcoming designers and developers.

This Android Apps collection includes Drawing Apps, Code Reference Apps, useful web development apps, etc. While, this is the pick of Best Android applications, we created the list with the mixture of both Free and Premium!

1. And FTP (Your FTP Client)


2. Sketch Book Mobile


3. WordPress


4. Adobe® Photoshop® Touch


5. Code Anywhere (Code Editor)


6. Paypal


7. Design Dimensions


8. Bit Web Server (PHP, MySQL, PMA) 


9. Joooid

Joooid! Joomla for Android

10. WM FTP Client


11. Web Master’s HTML Editor


12. JQuery Reference


13. Touch Qode


14. HTML5 Reference


15. Droid Edit (Free Code Editor)


16. PHP Reference


17. QC Web Design Cost Calculator


18. CSS Reference


19. Android Web Editor Lite


20. Audio Book  Web Design


21. Silver Edit


22. Color Touch Effects


23. Image Shrink


24. Color Pal

Color Pal

25. Astrid Tasks & To Do List


25 Most Best Free Android Apps for Business

You know that there is a wide range of applications growing up each day in android marketplace online. From that extreme variety of applications, we handpicked some of the best free business android apps to use on your professional needs. It is really hard to find the best quality and free android apps online. However we are here to help you get the both from “25 Best Free Android Apps for Business”.

Yeah, here you can download android apps for free yet premium in quality, which also makes you to be much productive for your business by simplifying your professional tasks each day. So just spend a few minutes of your time here to take a look at these business android apps, and then you will be sure about to save your valuable times elsewhere.

1. Office Drop


2. Skype – free IM & video calls


3. QuickBooks Mobile – Invoice


4. Pocket Cloud Remote RDP & VNC


5. Documents to Go 3.0 Main app


6. Evernote


7. Meshin Calendar for Evernote


8. ES Task Manager

ES Task Manager(Task Killer)

9. Kingsoft Office 5.3.1


10. BSE NSE Indian Stock Market


11. Olive Office Premium 


12. Mr. Number – Block calls, texts 

Office Documents Viewer (Free)

13. Invoice 2 go lite


14. Invoice App (Billing POS)


15. Mobile Document Viewer


16. Time Machine – World Clock


17. 2X Client RDP & Remote Desktop


18. Plan Small Business & Startup

Business Plan & Start Startup

19. Sales Ledger


20. Small Business Accounting


21. Market View Mobile®


22. Cisco WebEx Meetings


23. Expense Manager


24. Signature Analyzer


25. Sales Manager


15 + Best App Store Websites for Android Apps

This time, we have decided to help Android users, and here we are came with the list of some useful websites for Android apps downloading. If you are an Android user owns any Android devices, you may like or interested in updating with new, best android apps released on the market.

While in sometimes, you might feel that it is difficult to find the best applications that meets your needs and suits your lifestyle. Even the Internet giant will also be less helpful in search of Android or device-specific applications.

So we have featured 15+ best places online or app store websites here, to find all the variety of android apps. Each one will be the directory of android apps, and pleasure for bookmarking. Get into the wonderful world of Android apps by making use of these review sites, which includes screenshots, statistics, ratings and etc. Also please advise us, if we have missed out to add any good one to these resources.

1. Google Play


2. Amazon App Store

amazon Android store

3. Android PIT

Android pit

4. 1 Mobile

1 Mobile

5. Android Games Room


6. Into Mobile


7. Appitalism


8. Android Apps (appolicious)


9. Andro Lib


10. Insyde


11. Baidu


12. App China


13. Wandoujia


14. Aptoide


15. App XT


16. 101 Best Android Apps

17.  Apps APK


25 Popular and Best Android Apps of 2012 !

Hi all, here we have come to the start of 2013 and the most expected times of New Year! It’s the perfect time for sharing our wishes to each other, and here we started. We at Iamdesigning, wishing you all a very very happy and prosperous New Year! Start this New Year hopefully, and let’s have a happy beginning of 2013!  To help you have a good start with full of fun and happiness, here we have started with Best Android Apps 2012.

The year 2012 we just ended up was really a great year for Google’s Android platform in terms of their App store applications. Well, there have been a large variety of applications released in the Android market last year. The beneficial things that you can get from these apps are games, news, fun tools, weather finder, social networks and file manager etc. Almost all of these apps are also available for both Smartphones & Tablets, and we have also included both free and premium applications. Move downwards to get and take advantage of the best android apps of 2012…!

1. The Sims

The Sims

2. Temple Run

Temple Run

3. Baseball Superstars

Baseball Superstars

4. Talking Tom Cat 2

Talking Tom Cat 2 Free

5. Tweet Caster

Tweet Caster for Twitter

6. Top eleven Football Manager

Top eleven Football Manager

7. Pulse News

LinkedIn Pulse

8. Swift Key

Swift Key

9. Icy Tower 2

Icy Tower 2

10. Fancy


11. ES File Explorer File Manager

ES File Explorer File Manager

12. Evernote


13. Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger

14. Pinterest


15. Pocket


16. KJV Bible

KJV Bible

17. AndExplorer


18. Four Square

Four Square

19. Fluid Football

Fluid Soccer

20. Seesmic

Seesmic (Facebook, Twitter)

21. Espn Sports Center

Espn Sports Center

22. Wave Control

Wave Control

23. Pixlr Express

Autodesk Pixlr – photo editor

24. Magisto – Magical Video Editor

Magisto Video Editor & Maker

25. Weather

1Weather:Widget Forecast Radar

25 Best IOS Apps for Holidays and Festivals

As a part of our special roundups at this Holiday season, we have provided some best premium and free Christmas apps for Android. Hope you have really enjoyed using those beneficial android apps. Well, now it’s the time for the people using Apple devices. To make each iPhone & iPad users happy, we have come up with a few best IOS apps just arrived on apple iTunes store. Yet to make this sharing to be a more interesting variety, we have just gathered very new IOS apps in the genre of Holiday apps.

I’m sure that this list of IOS apps will be something special for you, whether you are new to this “mobile apps” using, or have your favorite set of apps already. Along with these IOS holiday apps, you will get a lot ways to make your holiday season pleasant and more enjoyable. However we made this collection of IOS apps for Holidays, you can keep using them even after the holiday season instead. So keep up enjoying all your days with fun and joy of holiday season times.

1. New Year Puzzles

New Year Puzzles

2. Where’s My Holiday

Disney Where's My Holiday

3. Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift

Cut the Rope-Holiday Gift

4. Happy New Year 2013 – Greetings & Worldwide Wishes

Happy New Year 2013 Greetings & Worldwide Wishes

5. Times Square Official New Year’s Eve Ball App   2013

Times Square Official New Year’s Eve Ball App-2013

6. New Year’s Blowout Horn! And 2013 Countdown!

New Year's Blowout Horn! And 2013 Countdown!

7. Live HotSpot NYC

Live HotSpot NYC

8. New Year’s Live

New Year's Live

9. 123 Color: Hanukkah Coloring Book

123 Color Hanukkah Coloring Book

10. BAC Alcohol Calculator

BAC Alcohol Calculator

11. Toca Hair Salon – Christmas Gift

Toca Hair Salon-Christmas Gift

12. Cupcakes! Holiday Edition

Cupcakes! Holiday Edition

13. Glasses Up by Tullamore Dew

Glasses Up by Tullamore Dew

14. NewYear Wallpapers – Winter & New Year’s Eve Skins

NewYear Wallpapers-Winter & New Year's Eve Skins

15. Local Sales, Deals, Coupons & Holiday Gift Shopping for Fashion, Home & Electronics

Local Sales, Deals, Coupons & Holiday Gift Shopping for Fashion, Home & Electronics

16. iBubbly


17. New Year & Christmas Wallpapers

New Year & Christmas Wallpapers

18. Christmas Shareable Book – Send Your Holiday Wacky eCards

Christmas Shareable Book Send Your Holiday Wacky eCards

19. iGive Gifts

iGive Gifts

20. Come get me

Come get me

21. Catalogue by The Find – the best catalog app for your holiday shopping spree period

Catalogue by TheFind the best-catalog app for your holiday shopping spree period

22. New Year Countdown‼

New Year Countdown‼

23. New Year’s Oracle 2013

New Year's Oracle 2013

24. Santa Tracker Lite – North Pole Command Center

Santa Tracker Lite North Pole Command Center

25.  Daily Horoscope: Holiday Season

Daily Horoscope Holiday Season

20 + Best Premium Android Apps for Christmas

First of All, Happy Christmas for one and all. Enjoy your Christmas celebrations with a lot of happiness. Are you worried about getting back to your work after Christmas? Don’t worry; Christmas enjoyments are not yet over! Let us continue our fun and joy with the below given Best Android apps list.

Some of the below given Premium Android Apps are freshly designed for Christmas, and some apps are already popular among market, which comes in a Special Christmas edition. These Android apps collection includes Games, Greeting Card Maker, Stories, Music, etc.

While you operate these Christmas Android Apps, Santa may not really exist. But, we guarantee that these Apps will surely create a Christmas mood for you! Enjoy your Christmas fun for each and every day with the 25 Best Android Apps listed below…

1. The Elf Adventure

Christmas Elf Adventure Full

2. Talking Santa meets Ginger+

Talking Santa meets Ginger+

3. Christmas Stickers Pack 1

Christmas Stickers Pack 1

4. Train Crisis Christmas

Train Crisis Christmas

5. Santa Rockstar

Santa Rockstar

6. PopOut! Night Before Christmas

PopOut! Night Before Christmas

7. The Best Christmas Game Ever

The Best Christmas Game Ever

8. aiCrystalBall Christmas Tree

aiCrystalBall Christmas Tree

9. BB Christmas Tree

BB Christmas Tree

10. Christmas Recipes Pro

Christmas Recipes Pro

11. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

12. Cthulhu Christmas Calendar

Cthulhu Christmas Calendar

13. Greeting Card Maker Pro

Greeting Card Maker Pro

14. Kids Christmas Game

Kids Christmas Game

15. Doodle Jump Christmas Special

Doodle Jump Christmas Special

16. Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle

Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle

17. Christmas Jackpot Slot Machine

Christmas Jackpot Slot Machine

18. Pango Christmas Book 5

Pango Christmas Book 5

19. Greatest Christmas Ringtones

Greatest Christmas Ringtones

20. Christmas Moving World

Christmas Moving World

21. Xmas Pinball

Xmas Pinball

24. Call Santa Claus

Call Santa Claus

 22. Piano Master Christmas Special

Piano Master Christmas Special

Free Christmas Apps for Android Smartphones

We have been come closer to the Christmas. Hope you all are getting prepared for the Christmas mood of joy and celebration. Well, it’s the right time to do so, if you don’t still. You will find that there is a lot variety of Christmas android apps available online, that makes some festive spirit or cheer to your Smartphone too.

Here we have come up with a collection of such cool android apps for Christmas. Whereas to make this sharing to be our gift for this Christmas, we have just gathered some best handpicked Christmas apps, which are absolutely free to download.  We are sure that you will really love these “Free Christmas Apps” and enjoy using them with your Android Smart phones.

1. Angry Bird Seasons

Angry Bird Seasons

2. Bouncy Bill Christmas Style

Bouncy Bill Christmas Style

3. Talking Santa meets Ginger

Talking Santa meets Ginger

4. Bunny Shooter Christmas

Bunny Shooter Christmas

5. Smurf’s Village

Smurf's Village

6. Christmas Photo Frames

Christmas Photo Frames

7. Finger Slayer

Finger Slayer

8. Pandas vs Ninjas: Christmas Edition

Pandas vs Ninjas: Christmas Edition

9. The Elf Adventure Calendar

The Elf Adventure Calendar

10. Merry Christmas (Kids)

Merry Christmas Kids

11. Christmas Solitaire

Christmas Solitaire

12. Christmas Moving World

Christmas Moving World Free

13. Talking Santa

Talking Santa

14. Angry Piggy Seasons

Angry Piggy Seasons

15.  Bubble Blast Holiday

Bubble Blast Holiday

16. The Stupid Test: Christmas Edition

The Stupid Test - Christmas

17. A Christmas Santa

A Christmas Santa

18. 1 Mobile Market for Christmas

1 Mobile Market for Christmas

19. Jewel Up: Christmas Edition

Jewel Up Christmas Edition

20. Christmas Mahjong

Christmas Mahjong Free

21. Fashion Story: Christmas Edition

Fashion Story: Christmas-Edition

22. Spirit of Christmas

Spirit of Christmas

23. Text Cutie: Christmas Card Maker

Text Cutie: Christmas Card Maker

24. 100 Christmas Gifts

100 Christmas Gifts

25. Santa’s Workshop

Santa's Workshop

15 Top Best WordPress Plugins for Download

If you are using WordPress for your personal blogs, forums and web pages, you will know and enjoy using its powerful set of features offered along with. Though it powers many advanced features, the default search from WordPress is still appears to be down.

The default search, results quite simple solutions for even complicated search of finding the right content towards a website. However not to worry about it. WordPress also features some alternative search plugins for use instead. Here we compiled a list of those powerful, feature-driven search plug-ins for WordPress.

1. WPSearch 2

WP Search 2


2. Relevant Search

WP Relevant Search WordPress Plugin


3. Safe Search Replace

Safe Search Replace


4. ReplacePress

Search and Replace for WordPress


5. Search for Comments

WP Search for Comments


6. Relevanssi

Relevanssi A Better Search


7. Sphinx Search

IWordPress Sphinx Search Plugin


8. Admin Bar Backend Search

Admin Bar Backend Search


9. Business Directory

WP Business Directory


10. Custom Search

Custom Search


11. Instant Search

Wordpress Instant Search & Suggest


12. ISearch



13. Ajaxy Live search

Ajaxy Live Search


14. Tweet Search

Tweet Search Plugin for WordPress


15. Yolink Search

Yolink Search for WordPress


10 + Best Web Analytics Tools for Anlaysing

Analyzing web pages is not an easy job. It is pretty hard to get the results instantly from your real time analysis. You may have some difficulties or spend more time in analyzing websites manually. To make you free from those hassles, here we have come up with a useful stuff “10 + Best Web Analytics Tools for Anlaysing ”. Like to know what’s special in it? There are vast amount of tools and resources for Website analysis already in place. Here you can find the best out of them. You can get the instant results of your analysis by using these tools. Hope you already known about the major gigantic tools like Google Analytics and Crazy egg. Along with that, we have also brought you up with some unusual yet effectivetools to make use of analyzing your websites and its statistics.

1. Piwik


2. Clicky


3. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

4. W3 Counter

W3 Counter

5. Woopra


6. Mix Panel

Mix Panel

7. Shiny stat

Shiny stat

8. Re invigorate

Re invigorate

9. Crazy egg

Crazy egg

10. Stuffed Tracker

Stuffed Tracker

11.  e Tracker

e Tracker