10 Best Beauty and Health PSD Templates

Beauty and Health PSD Templates

Are you looking looking for a health or beauty related website online? Well then you have arrived at the right place. This is a collection of Health and Beauty PSD templates. These PSD templates would be useful for Hospital, Clinic, Dentist, medical & health etc.

You can create website for giving health & beauty tips or to sell health & beauty related products for your customers. Gym or fitness club also uses website designed with these template for developing their business. Take a look at this collection of “10 + Best Beauty and Health PSD Templates” and grab the one best for you.

1) Dream Spa($3)

beauty and health PSD Templates

Demo Details

2) MediCenter ($10)

MediCenter - Medical Health PSD Template

Demo Details

3) Spa Treats ($10)

Spa Treats - Health & Spa Saloon PSD

Demo Details

4) GymBase ($10)

GymBase - Gym Fitness PSD Template

Demo Details

5) Fitness ($10)

Fitness :: PSD Template

Demo Details

6) GXM ($10)

GXM - Gym/Fitness Club PSD Theme

Demo Details

7) Medex ($10)

Medex - Medical, Doctor and Health care PSD Theme

Demo Details

8) Your Spa ($9)

Your Spa - Health/Beauty One Page PSD Template

Demo Details

9) Illumine ($10)

Illumine – Doctors & Health Care Theme (PSD)

Demo Details

10) Lotus ($10)

Lotus - Spa & Wellness PSD Template

Demo Details

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