Top GDPR-Compliant WordPress Themes

Top GDPR-Compliant WordPress Themes

GDPR-Compliant WordPress Themes You Need to Know About

When you’re building a website, there are two things you don’t want to do: mess up your site’s data and get in trouble with the law.

The first is easy—just make sure you have backups for everything. The second one, though? That’s a lot harder.

Luckily for you, we’ve done the hard work! We’ve put together the top GDPR-compliant WordPress themes to help you avoid getting fined or shut down.

What Are GDPR-Compliant WordPress Themes?

WordPress themes are a set of templates used to build your website. Thousands of free and premium themes are available from the WordPress theme repository, but no one can say that every single one is 100 percent GDPR-compliant.

The GDPR requires website owners to obtain visitors’ explicit consent to process their data. It also requires them to implement more complex data access, storage, and access rules for their hosting providers.

As a result, themes that are built with WordPress and those that use WordPress plug-ins and widgets will be subject to GDPR.

It is possible to avoid being compliant with the GDPR by simply changing your server settings or replacing one plug-in with another. However, to ensure your website is GDPR-compliant from the start, you’ll need a GDPR checklist.

A GDPR checklist will help you ensure everything is in place to protect your website’s data and avoid getting fined or shut down. Or worse: going out of business!

What Are The Top GDPR-Compliant WordPress Themes?

To help, we’ve compiled a list of the top GDPR-compliant WordPress themes to help you avoid being fined, or worse—shut down!


Regarding WordPress publishing themes, Newspaper is the one that truly sets the bar high. You will have complete control over the presentation of your material owing to the theme, which also allows you to employ templates for a wide range of article categories. All of this is done while adhering to GDPR. 

Newspaper is a common motif utilized by many other sorts of publications, including journals, blogs, novels, and articles published by authors. This is an excellent choice for publishers that want to comply with GDPR while retaining total creative control over their websites.


Typology is a WordPress theme that emphasizes written material and is intended for bloggers and other content creators. 

Your written material is complemented with typography that employs a simple and modern design. In addition, the built-in front panel provided with the theme makes it easy to make changes to the appearance of your blog articles. 

Typology’s precise nature helps to enhance GDPR compliance, website load speeds, and mobile-friendliness.


Hope may be used with other plug-ins for online sales and as a popular contribution plug-in by charities and non-profit organizations. 

Even though flexible themes may be used for a broad range of companies, you may wish to choose a GDPR-compliant theme if you have a particular requirement. For example, if your organization is charitable or not-for-profit, consider using ThemeREX’s Hope. 

Hope includes the GDPR Framework WP plug-in, so you can ensure that your data collection and payment operations comply with all relevant legislation. In addition, the theme has a form module that conforms with GDPR rules.


The Whitewashed theme is a highly customizable WordPress theme. While it may not be precisely GDPR-compliant, it does come with unique options for visitors’ consent and data collection. 

The white and neutral combination is ideal for non-profits and other organizations where your guests prefer attention to higher design standards. In addition, the whitewashed site has a combination of advanced features that allow you to maintain complete control over your content while providing a framework that complies with GDPR.


The Avada website builder, one of the most popular WordPress themes ever, comes equipped with GDPR-compliant tools to help you remain on top of your game.

Any company can have a website up and running within hours with Avada’s pre-built mobile-friendly website examples for various categories. In addition, making modifications to your pages is straightforward after installation, thanks to the drag-and-drop interface of this builder.


Kalium is a popular, GDPR-compliant, multipurpose WordPress theme for online businesses and freelancers looking to build portfolios. Kalium, like the other adaptable themes we’ve looked at, offers one-click installation for all of its demos and interfaces with leading website builders to help you develop your layouts. 

However, Kalium’s layouts take a more straightforward approach. It values visual chaos, clear lines, and primary colors above white space. Simplifying the website development process is essential if you want the most critical components of your website, such as the content or navigation, to stand out.


It’s essential to be GDPR-compliant from the outset, as it’ll allow you to recruit new customers and increase your revenues. Changing the WordPress link to one of these themes won’t hurt your site or cost you extra money.

It’s worth noting that you should do this only after ensuring you’re compliant with GDPR. If you decide to make changes in the meantime and end up getting a fine or having your website shut down because of it, you’ll be out of pocket and probably unable to afford a new theme. So check out our blog now if you want to learn more about GDPR-Compliant WordPress themes?  

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