Multifox Pro – Premium WordPress Plugin for Multifox

Multifox Pro Plugin Review

Multifox Pro is a premium theme to provide extended advanced functionalities to the Multifox theme. Both the Multifox Pro plugin and theme are developed by Creative Brahma. 

Multifox is a freemium WordPress theme that comes with three different plugins: Multifox Plus, Multifox Pro, and Multifox Shop. Multifox Plus is a free WordPress plugin, where Pro and Shop are premium plugins. 

You can also check the key functionalities of the free Multifox Plus plugin.

Multifox Pro Plugin Review & Features

Multifox WordPress theme banner

We have used and reviewed the premium features provided on the Multifox Pro plugin when compared to the free multifox Plus plugin to build amazing websites.

  • Customize the typography for site tagline and site title with hover color options.
  • It has complete breadcrumb editing options like typography, changing colors, and background.
  • Multifox Pro offers complete customization of single blog post settings. You can enable related articles, Disqus comments, carousel, excerpt text, lightbox featured image, post elements positioning, and different column layouts.
  • With Multifox Pro, customize a beautiful 404 page to make it attractive. Also, add custom CSS styles to make it unique.
  • Create a custom sidebar by editing the standard sidebar and by adding multiple widgets. Personalize the typography for the widget title and content.

Multifox Pro plugin Woocommerce features

They have advanced Woocommerce functionalities to build a user-friendly online store. Single Product page settings like sticky add to cart, 360 product viewer, enable sale countdown timer, real-time visitors, size guide button, and delivery period with an offer. 

Choose between the online store template from default and custom-designed. It has other conversion-optimized functions like product upselling options, show-related products, social follow, and social share settings with displaying individual social media sharing.

Multifox Pro plugins provide shop pages with multiple columns, different product page columns, tag page columns, cross-sell columns, and show recently viewed products to boost up the product selling rate.

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These are features included on the Multifox Pro plugin that provides a high level of flexibility for your WordPress website.

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