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Guru | Learning Management WordPress Theme for education

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Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world”- Nelson Mandela. Certainly using Education, we can bring development and progress to many across the globe.

Online learning is increasing by leaps and bounds and a record number of people across the globe would enroll for your courses, if you have a feature-rich online learning management system in place. Education today is different from its scope and application as compared to yesteryears. Now people across the world, young or old, want to learn and update themselves and if you could offer a good quality content based learning systems, you are in business!

You need to be able to set up your courses quickly, offering a foolproof grading system, evaluation and transparent appraisal of your students.  Setting up a quiz and lessons become a child’s play with Guru WP theme.


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Guru WordPress Theme

Guru comes with powerful theme options, which empowers you to quickly and easily build incredible online learning sites. Guru  is a powerful learning management system (LMS) which effectively combines WordPress, Sensei, BuddyPress, WooCommerce, Event Calendar, WPML and Mail-chimp to give you a power packed option to run your courses successfully.

Gurus theme provides awesome features for creating online courses including Teacher Profiles, Extended user profiles, Lesson management, Quiz System, Video Hosting, Ranking / Rating system, Questions system, Attachments, Tracking course progress, WooCommerce integration, BuddyPress, Event Calendar, WPML Support and more.

Start teaching online in record time by building a distance learning or educational websites.   Working with Guru is really easy. We built it to increase your satisfaction and fun from online courses. It’s a learning management system that makes learning and teaching online easier for everyone.

Guru Home Page


Page Builder

Guru comes with awesome page builder, now creating pages is far easier with the help of visual page builder. Dive into the flexibility of the page builder to make your web creation experience smoother.
Guru Page Builder

Short Codes Builder

Home page and all other pages can have different layouts and with one click visual short code builder you can bring tons of layout possibilities. Descriptive and design components such as a features lists, carousels, testimonials, pricing table, accordion, tabs, buttons, quote, icons, divides, toggle, progress bars, fancy box and many more are included in the short code builder.

Guru Short Codes Builder


Sensei Plug-in

Teaching coursework has never been easier, all within WordPress. With the Sensei plugin you can create courses, write lessons and add quizzes. Set lesson and course pre-requisites, allow user registration and even charge for your course content using WooCommerce if you want.

Using Sensei is as easy as creating a WordPress page or post, as it is powered by its own “Lessons” custom post type. The plugin is designed around the intuitiveness of the WordPress user interface.

Create courses, write lessons, then add quizzes to test your learners. Setting up pre-requisites for both courses and lessons is a breeze in this hugely flexible plugin.  Quick user registration – Signing up for a course is super easy with Sensei using WordPress’s user registration facilities. Learners then have access to a dashboard and can track their course/lesson progress.

Sensei seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce allowing you to charge for courses. It’s as simple as setting up a product and linking it to a course.  Course analytics – Sensei provides reporting facilities which provide you with an overview of your content, grades, as well as the students who are registered with the site.  Test Anything – With a variety of question types at your disposal, there’s virtually no limit to the kind of quizzes you can create.

Create a ‘bank’ of questions, and display a random selection of them to your learners when they take a quiz.  Quiz Grading – Have your simple quizzes graded automatically, or choose manual grading for questions that require review by a teacher.  Build courses in minutes – Reuse your presentations and videos or a wide range of online material. Make stunning courses with minimal effort.

Sensei provides reporting facilities which provide you with an overview of your content, grades, as well as the students who are registered with the site.

Guru Sensei Plug-in


Login and Registration

Signing up for a course is super easy with Sensei using wp user registration facilities.  Learners then have access to a dashboard and can track their course/lesson progress.

Guru Login and Registration


Mega Menu with Image

Make your menu more advanced and meaningful with the mega menu option that supports image banner.
Guru Mega Menu

Unlimited Blog Options

Lots of setting in Blog and its media types.  Create a blog with multiple content type with left and right side bars or both side bars.

Guru Blog


Multiple Portfolio Options

Animated portfolio gallery with lots of option for you to customize and play with.  It also features detail page with lots of settings.

Guru Portfolio


HD Help Videos

Videos right from installing, configuring and customizing theme is available as video presentation. Improved documentation:  Have doubts?  You can get all the solution right here with segregated information.  Also additional support can be found in support forums, help videos, knowledge base.

Guru Videos

Guru LMS is the best online course theme with amazing features for online education.  Create an exciting educational website and online learning courses management system/portal using Guru LMS theme..

Go for Guru LMS!



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