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Newsletter Plugin is the direct hotline between your customers and your site.  So it pays to concentrate here and pick a Plugin that builds your email list slowly but surely.  Opt in email list building is the foundation on which your email marketing campaign rests.  Email marketing has not lost its sheen, although, there may be a possibility that your email is not opened and responded to or worse still not opened at all.  But a sincere attempt to build an opt in email list goes a long way in validation and management of email lists of your customers.

1) Opt-In Panel ($16)

Opt-In Panel: With this Plugin you can easily add floating subscription panel to your website and stick it to any window edge.  Opt-In Panel has modern AJAX subscription form to collect users’ names and e-mails.  It works with most popular auto responders, such as MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse, iContact, Campaign Monitor, Mad Mimi and MyMail.  Make your website more attractive and boost number of subscribers with ease.  This is a WordPress Plugin.  For non-WordPress websites try Opt-In Panels – Standalone Scrip.  Features:     Floating subscription panel:  add floating subscription panel to website.  12 screen positions: stick floating panel to any window edge.  80+ settings options: customize your Opt-In Panel through admin dashboard.  100+ Font Awesome icons: use any of 100+ icons for button and tab.  Display on whole website:  Opt-In Panel might be displayed on all website pages.  MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse, iContact, Campaign Monitor, Mad Mimi and MyMail supported.  Responsive design: Opt-In Panel looks nice on small screen devices.  Auto-expanse option: Opt-In Panel might be automatically expanded with defined delay.  Auto-close option: Opt-In Panel might be automatically collapsed after successful subscription.  Remember the state:  Opt-In Panel remembers the state for each visitor.  Intro content supported: insert any HTML-content above subscription form.  Conclusion supported: insert any HTML-content below subscription form.  Image as a tab: set any image as a tab.  Enjoy your Opt-In Panel.

Opt-In Panel

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2) Constant Contact Custom Popup Subscription for WP ($15)

Constant Contact Custom Popup Subscription for WP: Constant Contact Custom Popup Subscription for WordPress Plugin is an amazing email subscriber Plugin which allows the site Admin to create Custom Popup, place YouTube/Vimeo embed videos, image or any sort of HTML/custom content in the subscription popup and the Visitors can Subscribe their email to the Constant Contact subscription list.  It is flexible, best and simple way to subscribe email for newsletter.  Admin can set Constant Contact Custom Popup Subscription for WordPress Plugin through a Popup style which has various display options or Admin can add this into a widget area.  If you want convert the visitors to your member /subscribers then the Custom Popup is the best solution to tell the users why they should subscribe or to show them a new advertisement or Banner on the popup to allure them get subscribed.  If you want your website to reach every reader, you have to use email and Constant Contact Custom Popup Subscription for WordPress Plugin will be useful to promote your company to the general people.  Constant Contact Custom Popup Subscription for WordPress Plugin is very useful for those people who need to send Newsletters to users.  This powerful Plugin allows users to collect and manage emails & newsletters with an easy way.  Constant Contact Custom Popup Subscription for WordPress Plugin has some excellent features and very easy to install or setup.  Constant Contact Custom Popup Subscription for WordPress Plugin is more flexible and compatible with many existing Plugins in the WP repository.  This Plugin is fully customizable.  Users can easily configure the Plugin into the new or existing WP websites.

Constant Contact Custom Popup Subscription for WP

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3) Opt-In Panda for WordPress ($22)

Opt-In Panda for WordPress: Opt-In Panda for WordPress Opt-In Panda locks a portion of content on a webpage, by hiding or blurring it, and asks the visitor to enter his email address (opt-in) to unlock your content.  In other words, it gives visitors a reason to subscribe right now in return to instant access to your valuable content (e.g. downloads, discounts, videos and so on).  Boost Converting Visitors into Subscribers & Customers.  Hide your premium content behind an optin form and watch your email subscription rates burst through the roof.  Easily create in-content freebies and serve them to your subscribers only.  With Opt-In Panda, you will be able:  Effectively and easily convert visitor into subscribers.  Build large mailing lists on MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse (and other services).  Send more emails and increase your income.  Know more about visitors of your website (name, social profile).  Opt-In Panda confirms emails of users via Double Opt-In smoothly integrated with popular mailing services to make sure that the user entered his real email.  Add Subscribers Directly To Your Favorite Mailing Service:  The Opt-In Panda works directly with all the major mailing services and Plugins: AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse, MyMail, MailPoet, Acumbamail, Sendy, FreshMail, K-news (and ActiveCampaign, SmartResponder soon).

Opt-In Panda for WordPress

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4) Smart AJAX Subscribe ($18)

Smart AJAX Subscribe: With this Plugin you can add easy to setup newsletter subscription form that can save subscribers information into database, and send subscription information to one of supported online newsletter services or Plugins.  You can add more than one form in the same time, and each form added can use different styling, settings, subscription service and list.  Plugin allows for great flexibility in rendering and styling of subscription form.  Plugin is bundled with 8 skins, more than 60 default color styles and it features a style builder.  To minimize spam registrations, Plugin has 2 anti-spam methods:  honeypot and referrer.  To display the form, you can use:  Widget to add into sidebar,  Shortcode to add into post content,  Function to add into template, If you use some other online service other than services directly supported by this Plugin, you can still use this Plugin and you can export lists with subscribers manually into CSV file.  Supports 3 newsletter Plugins and 14 online services.

Smart AJAX Subscribe

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5) Subscribe by MailChimp: WordPress Plugin ($11)

Subscribe by MailChimp: WordPress Plugin: Subscribe by MailChimp.  Subscribe by MailChimp for WordPress, is an excellent Plugin to boost up your MailChimp subscribers list.  The Plugin is beautifully designed to add an elegant and jQuery powered subscription form to your site.  It adds a ‘Subscribe’ button at the right-bottom corner, when the subscriber click on the button, it popup a beautiful subscription form, which a subscriber can use to subscribe for your WordPress site.  Features:  Subscribe by MailChimp, Subscribe by MailChimp Plugin Features, jQuery Powered MailChimp Subscription Form, Easy to configure, Track your subscriber stats, Increase your MailChimp subscribers, Give a rich Subscription feature to your WordPress Site.

Subscribe by MailChimp: WordPress Plugin

Demo Details

6) MailChimp Social WordPress ($7)

MailChimp Social WordPress: This Plugin let your public subscribe your newsletter via Facebook, Hotmail, Google, LinkedIn, VK and by just typing the email.  What’s the bonus? Users do not have to confirm the email because the email is already “confirmed.”  You can collect their First, Last Name and Birthday!  It’s really simple to configure the Plugin; I made an awesome tutorial you can found it in the tab “Help”!  You can choose for each service if it should use single or double opt-in. Users can choose between different lists to subscribe.  You can define the groupings and add radio inputs from your MailChimp List!

MailChimp Social WordPress

Demo Details

7) Push Notifications for Posts ($17)

Push Notifications for Posts: Push Notifications for Posts is our basic solution for small personal blogs.  We also offer a full-featured Plugin, Push Notifications for WordPress, designed for all the other websites.  If you’re not sure which Plugin is right for you, compare the features here.  Send push notifications to iOS, Android and Fire OS devices when you publish a new post.  Straight from your WordPress site, in real-time.  Alert your visitors when new content is published, converting them to regular and loyal readers.  It’s like a newsletter, but so much more effective.  Keep your audience engaged.  Push Notifications for Posts allows you to focus on building beautiful and unique apps, without developing your own server-side back-end.  Content for the apps is collected automatically from your WordPress site, so no extra work is needed to maintain them.  It even supports custom post types.

Key Features:  Push Notifications for Posts natively supports:  Apple Push Notification service (APNs) Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) Amazon Device Messaging (ADM) Support custom post types.  Choose the custom post types for which send push notifications.  No charge for delivery.  You don’t have to pay any fees since Push Notifications for Posts does not use any third-party’s server.  Integrated statistics.  Get a quick overview of the last 30 days.  Statistics require HTML 5 support, available in all modern browsers.)  Notifications appear as message alerts, badge updates and even sound alerts.  Saving a post as a draft will not trigger push notifications.  Publishing a private post will not trigger push notifications.  Static pages will not trigger push notifications.  Scheduled posts will trigger push notifications at the time they’re scheduled to publish.  Who Is This Plugin For?  This Plugin is primarily intended for mobile developers who do not want to develop their server-side back-end.  Supporting push notifications is incredibly complicated.  This Plugin lets you focus on creating the apps, without the hassle.

Push Notifications for PostsDemo Details

8) Subscribe Popup ($9)

Subscribe Popup: Subscribe Popup is a Plugin for WordPress that allows you to add a highly customizable popup window with opt-in form to your blog or website.  Once raised popup window asks visitors to submit their name and e-mail.  These data is saved in database or sent to MailChimp, iContact, GetResponse and Campaign Monitor newsletter systems.  All saved data can be exported as CSV-file to be used with any other newsletter systems.  The content can be edited using WYSIWYG-editor, and it is allowed to use any Shortcodes.  You can fully customize popup window (window size, window and overlay colors, font scheme color, content and other parameters).  Subscribe Popup is a perfect way to extend functionality of your website.  Modern Opt-in form: popup box contains HTML5+CSS3 AJAX opt-in form.  Highly customizable window: set window size, window and overlay colors, background image, font scheme color, overlay opacity, content, number of widget areas, auto close time and even edit CSS.  Responsive design: popup window looks nice on small screen devices. WYSIWYG editor: edit content with visual editor.

Subscribe Popup

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9) ChimpMate Pro | WordPress MailChimp Assistant ($18)

ChimpMate Pro | WordPress MailChimp Assistant: Advanced features:  ChimpMate Pro comes with Lightning speed, unbreakable content lock, hassle free A/B testing, instant analytics, connect with MailChimp API, social media subscription, stunning premium themes, powerful live editor, fully responsive, language friendly, referrer tracking, highly customizable themes, personalize checkbox and spinner, vector images, filter by device and page type, popup behavior and slider behavior and short codes.

ChimpMate Pro | WordPress MailChimp Assistant

Demo Details

10) Chimpy – MailChimp WordPress Plugin ($21)

Chimpy – MailChimp WordPress Plugin: Chimpy is the most complete MailChimp WordPress Plugin.  Enjoy features like content locking and user synchronization or simply display a signup form.  The Last MailChimp WordPress Plugin You’ll Ever Need!  This WordPress Plugin allows you to create multiple signup forms and display them with ease.  Your visitors will be more likely to fill in the form when it features a professional design and works smoothly.  Wish to increase a signup rate?  Try displaying a signup popup or locking the most appealing content so only subscribers can access it.  Yet it’s not just forms.  Chimpy integrates your WordPress website with MailChimp in a number of other ways.  You can set this Plugin to synchronize all WordPress users with MailChimp.  Whenever user is created, updated or deleted – this will reflect on the MailChimp list of your choice.  Want to give your users full control whether they are subscribed or not?  Why not – you can start displaying an opt-in checkbox on registration and comment forms with a click of a button.  It would take five other Plugins to replace functionality offered by Chimpy.  If you care about email marketing, this Plugin will pay off very soon.

Chimpy - MailChimp WordPress Plugin

Demo Details

11) Ad Plus List Building Popup ($20)

Ad Plus List Building Popup: Ad Plus List Building Popup is so clean, super flexible and has a fully responsive popup designs!  Proven to convert your daily blog visitors into highly responsive targeted email list subscribers OR buying customers within just 2-3 minutes.  WordPress 4.1.1 Tested and Approved.  Clean, Modern Design can be used for any type of website.  100% Responsive Pop up Themes, Easy to configuration (No any coding required!)

Fully Customizable!  COMPATIBLE WITH 3RD PARTY PLUGINS, Contact Form 7, WooCommerce plus other Plugins which provide SHORTCODES to display result.

Ad Plus List Building Popup

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