Free Photoshop Paper Textures for Designers !

Photoshop Paper Textures

Here in this time, we have come up with some high quality paper textures for photoshop for designers. We have just gathered these photoshop paper textures for the continuation of our already featured variety of designers’ resources in times before. It has been a trend of using paper backgrounds that is around for these recent days. You can also find some website designs online with such paper background applied, which appears to be nice and grungy.

Interested in using such paper texture backgrounds in your designs? Then go ahead with this collection of paper textures, which helps you to get your designs for various feels like clean, vintage, mysterious, grungy and etc. Most of the paper textures here are grungy and vintage inspired, whereas some of them are neat and clean. The most beneficial thing about this collection is you can grab these paper textures for free!

1. Gold Metal Wrinkled Paper

Gold Metal Wrinkled Paper

2. Sky Paper

Sky Paper

3. Crinkled PaperTexture

Crinkled Paper Texture

4. Pip Paper

Pip Paper

5. Paper Again

Paper Again

6. Stained Paper

Stained Paper

7. Grunge Paper Texture

Grunge paper texture

8. Pink Grunge Paper Texture

Pink Grunge Paper Texture

9. Grunge Floral Paper Texture

grunge floral paper texture

10. Dirty Paper Texture

Dirty Paper Texture2

11. Rusted Paper Texture

Rusted Paper Texture

12. Paper Texture

paper texture

13. Amber Paper Texture

Amber Paper Texture

14. Aged Paper Texture

Aged Paper Texture

15. Cardboard Brown Paper Texture

Cardboard Brown Paper Texture

16. Pattern Paper Texture

Pattern Paper Texture2

17. Vintage Paper Texture

Vintage Paper Texture

18. Handmade WarppingPaper

Handmade Warpping Paper

19. Yellow Paper Texture

Yellow paper texture

20. Old Paper Texture

Old Paper Texture

21. Dirty Graph Paper Texture

Dirty Graph Paper Texture

22. Paper Bag Texture

Paper Bag Texture

23. Grungy Paper Texture

Grungy Paper Texture

24. Notebook Paper

Notebook Paper3

25. Old Paper

Old Paper

26. Lines Paper

Lines Paper

27. Tape Paper Decay Texture

Tape paper decay texture

28. HD Paper Texture

HD Paper Texture

29. Crumpled White Paper Texture

Crumpled White paper Texture

30. Line Paper Texture

Line Paper Texture

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