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10 Best Things To Know Before You Buy Shopify Premium Themes

So, you’ve decided to take your business online, or maybe you’re just starting an online business for the first time. Whichever the case is, it is a brave and commendable step. However, deciding on setting up shop online is great, but you need a modern well-optimized website that represents your brand.

You don’t need to know how to code or hire a developer online, all you need is the best premium Shopify theme to set up your online shop.

Premade themes save you a lot of stress as all you need to do is download and install, then activate the theme of your choice. These themes have been designed and developed to suit several business needs, and all you have to do is customize them to your preference.

Shopify premium themes are the best with all the features you need for your business.

1. What Is A Premium Shopify Theme? 

Premium Shopify themes are themes that have certain exclusive features that may not be available on other themes. These themes come at an extra cost for these special features while the regular themes may come free. As your business grows online, so do your demands and needs.

With this growing demand, it is only natural to upgrade to a premium theme. It is essential to purchasing a Shopify theme that meets your business needs from the get-go to avoid disrupting your business activities in the future. Premium Shopify themes are the next best step that prevents you from spending a lot of money on an upgrade by hiring a developer.

2.  Do you pay once for Shopify Themes?

You only have to pay for a premium Shopify theme once, after which it becomes yours without any additional payments. However, the purchased theme only applies to one store, and if you need to open another store and would like to use the same theme then you need to make a second purchase for the new copy. There are no additional charges after purchasing the theme for your store.

3. How much are Shopify Premium Themes?

Premium Shopify themes vary in price depending on a few factors like the design and the number of added features. The price ranges from $27 to $280 per theme. You can buy premium Shopify themes from the theme store directly, from theme developers, or from other third-party sources. Each source may have varying prices for the same or similar themes, along with different benefits.

5. Is Shopify Premium Theme Worth It? 

Now to the big question you’ve probably been asking yourself, “Is a Shopify premium theme worth the money”? The answer to that is yes! Shopify premium themes are absolutely worth the spend as they save you a lot of future stress.

First of all, as mentioned earlier, it is a one-time purchase without any extra cost for maintenance or anything like that. Subsequently, a growing business means more traffic and demands from your online store.

Free themes don’t usually have what it takes to cater to this growing demand as your store grows. Here are a few more benefits of getting yourself a premium theme;

  • Exclusive customer support 

Not all Shopify theme providers offer exclusive customer support just for you. When you purchase a premium Shopify theme you have dedicated support as your queries are given priority and resolved on time.

  • More design options 

You get to choose more designs for your store without paying any extras. The appearance of your website is very essential to how customers perceive the legitimacy of your business. Being able to customize your store with more available designs is one of the benefits of a premium theme and it helps give your business a professional appearance.

  • More features 

Another reason people buy Shopify premium themes is the added features that allow them to do much more with their websites. You will have access to deeper analytics, more detailed reports, integrated Instagram features, embed more videos, and so much more. Basically, premium theme features outweigh those present for a free theme.

  • Better mobile experience 

Most customers access websites and shop online through their mobile devices. Surveys have shown that mobile has the highest percentage of traffic for most websites on the internet. Premium themes are better optimized for mobile devices and give your customers the best experience. A not-so-friendly mobile website will have customers leaving even before they can purchase anything, and this will be a huge loss for your business. So it only makes sense to get better mobile-optimized themes.

6. The Best Paid Shopify Premium Themes 

Now that you know some of the benefits of premium themes, it’s time to find out the best paid Shopify themes for your business. We have categorized them into the following:

Highest Converting Shopify Themes

Convert the traffic to your store into paying customers. It is not just about getting high traffic to your website, you also need to make sure you are converting this traffic. These themes are designed to convert your website traffic into paying customers.

Here are the Shopify themes that have the highest conversions.

Boom – One Product Multipurpose Shopify Theme:

Boom - Shopify Premium Theme

Boom theme is a best-selling Shopify theme that was featured by Envato Tuts+ as one of the best Shopify premium themes. This is a single-page theme that displays all your products on one page for ease. The theme is fully customizable, mobile-friendly, and uses a simple drag and drop website builders. This theme only costs $48, comes with 6 months of customer support, and future updates. The design layout is simple, clean, and easy to navigate.

Demo Details

Titoo – Shopify Theme for Kids Store

Titoo | Kids Store Shopify Theme

Titoo is a new theme in the ThemeForest Marketplace that was personally hand-picked by the staff as one of the best new website themes in ThemeForest’s collection. This premium Shopify theme is ideal for business owners who run children’s toy shops, baby supplies, clothing stores, etc. The theme has a nice blend of pastel colors that are child-friendly and easy on the eyes.

The design is simple, basic, and all products and information are displayed appropriately. Some of the features include a display category, a color palette, price listing, order summary, and megamenu. The theme is also customized for SEO which is essential to help your store rank in search.

Demo Details

Best Shopify Premium Themes 2021

These themes are the best so far for 2021, as a lot of users have implemented these themes for their online stores.

Wokiee – Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Wokiee - best premium shopify theme

This premium multipurpose theme has been rated the first according to Envato tuts+, the developers of the theme. With beautiful page designs and layouts, your e-commerce store is bound to give you outstanding results. Some of these theme features include two types of review blocks, single product blocks, new content blocks, revolutionary blocks, different product sections with different views, and lots more other features. You also get premium customer support service all at a price of $99.

Demo Details

Mika – Multipurpose eCommerce Shopify Theme

Mika - Best Shopify Theme

This elegant premium Shopify theme is multipurpose and suitable for an e-commerce shop. There are 20 demo pages in a pack that allow you to test the theme before you fully purchase it. Some of these theme features include; color swatches, draggable sections, and Ajax filters.

Demo Details

5 Best Shopify Premium Themes for Custom Single Products 

If you run an online store that displays single products, you will need a simpler theme for your products. These Shopify premium themes are suitable for single products which makes it easy for customers to navigate through your website.

The layouts are simple, clean, and beautifully designed for any kind of business. Here are the best Shopify themes for custom single products that can fit any business.

Beaux – Cosmetic Store Shopify Theme

Beaux -  Demo for Shopify Premium Themes

The Beaux theme is a cosmetic Shopify theme that is also multipurpose. The minimalist design makes it ideal for online stores that deal in cosmetics, clothing, beauty, fashion items, spa, fragrance products, beauty salons, and skincare products. The theme supports Shopify login, has simple drag and drop features, and is mobile-friendly. The features of the theme include; unique search functions, flexible sidebars, Ajax cart popup, mega menus, and deal counters.

Demo Details

Escoot – Single Product Shopify Theme

Escoot - One Product Shopify Theme

The escoot theme has a simple background design that makes it easy to customize and allows the products displayed to stand out. The design is made up of a simple white layout with an addition of extra pops of colors to make it vibrant enough. The theme is suitable for stores that sell electronic products, fancy toys, scooters, ebooks, accessories, software, courses, and music.

Demo Details

Votto – The Single product Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Votto -Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Simplicity is always more, as you can showcase your single products with this theme. The Shopify premium themes are responsive on all devices, well optimized for SEO, and have multiple premium features. Some of these features include; 6+ homepage layouts, attractive blog layout, newsletter popup, quick view popup, custom product filters, and image swatches. The theme can be used by electronic, smartwatches, accessories, and perfume stores online. Finally, this theme comes at one of the best deals for $29.

Demo Details

Electon- The Single Product, Electronics & Gadgets eCommerce Shopify Theme

Electon-  eCommerce Shopify Theme

Tech lovers now have a simple theme that is also appealing to customers. The theme includes multiple features like sales adverts, newsletter popup, theme color switch, ajax cart, and wish list. To know more, simply purchase this theme at an affordable price of $39 only.

Demo Details

Phono – Online Mobile Store and Phone Shop Shopify Theme

Phono | Phone Shop Shopify Theme

This theme is mostly suited for store owners who deal in phones, other kinds of gadgets, and software. The theme features include a product carousel, ajax, cat and filter, 5 types of mega menus, and product sale labels.

Demo Details

 7. Can you use Free Shopify Themes? 

Shopify free themes are usually the starting point for most first-time online store owners. If you aren’t sure of what theme to use and you only need something simple with basic features, then a free theme is not a bad place to start.

Here are the 3 best Shopify free themes you can start with:

Debutify Shopify Theme


This Shopify theme is ranked the number one free theme for Shopify stores. It is also a high conversion theme that ensures the traffic to your website pays. The theme is easy to download and install, set up, and does not require any coding knowledge. Some of the features include; cart discount, color swatches, countdown timer, delivery time, add to cart animation, among other features. There is also 24/7 customer support available at your disposal. It is a pretty good deal for a free theme.

Demo Details

Boundless Theme

Boundless - shopify theme for free

For business owners who prefer simple and minimalist themes, you should check the boundless theme out. It is simple with clean layouts that put the pictures of your products at the center of the page. It is suitable for photographers, or for displaying single products. Some of the theme features include; sticky navigation, optimized large images, single product gallery, slideshow with fading effect, homepage video among other features.

Demo Details

Express Theme

Express - ecommerce free shopify theme

 A simple straightforward shopify theme like this is what you need to have your business up in minutes. The theme can be used in displaying menus, single products, or multiple products with descriptions. Some of the features of the theme include; slide-out cart, mobile-friendly design, featured collection on the home page, and quick buy. It is well optimized for one-page stores and stores with small catalogs.

Demo Details

8. How to Easily Customize Shopify Theme for Dropshipping? 

Now, you know the basics about Shopify themes and have seen some of the best free and paid themes that you can use. It’s time to find out how to customize a Shopify theme if you are thinking of starting a dropshipping business online.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to set up your Shopify store for dropshipping.

#1. The first thing to do is decide on what you would like to sell to your customers. You need to pick a credible product from any of the supply stores with a nice balance of reviews that is credible. You then decide on the logo for your store and the color scheme so your business looks legitimate. You don’t want people to be skeptical about the source where they are buying from.

#2. The next step is to pick a domain name that has a .com available for easy access on the internet. You want customers to easily find your store. Purchase your domain name on the Shopify store that is appropriate for your business. You then proceed to buy a Shopify premium theme of your choice but getting a high conversion theme like the Boom theme is advisable.

#3. After buying and downloading the theme pack, you need to unzip the file and upload it to your Shopify store. Once you have uploaded the theme, you go to actions and click activate in the options, which make the theme your main theme in the library. Now that you have activated the theme, go to actions and click on customize to enable you to customize the theme.

#4. Now, you will need to search for website templates for your website background. Once you’ve decided on the template, go back to the store and upload your selected header design. When you have uploaded the header design, you can now proceed to customize the text color with your desired brand colors. Fill out the brief description that appears in the header for your website and you should have a good-looking header by now.

#5. Proceed to the theme set to change your logo to your brand logo to ensure your page looks well blended. You should also add a favicon that represents your brand as well, and that can be found in the side panel where you added your logo. Still from that side panel, you can change your website’s preloader image to your brand logo, so that’s what appears when your website is loading. You can change the typography of the website to what suits you, and also adjust the accent colors to your brand’s accent color.

#6. Once all that is set up, don’t forget to enable Shopify payments in the payments section. Also, enable multi-currency and all other payment options to accommodate customers from all over the world.

#7. Now, you can move over to the product section and customize the products page just as you want using your brand colors and desired typography. Upload images of the product in the appropriate section and also include a brief product description for customers. You can enable a price display for each product. When all the product sections are customized according to the rest of the theme then you can move to the footer section and do the same thing.

Now that you have finished setting up the homepage and customizing it to suit your brand, remember to link your store to the supplier so your store is properly integrated with the supplier.

Once you have pushed the supplier link to your Shopify store, you can now edit the information that appears in the backend for uniformity. Remember to keep the descriptions short and the backlink to the product functional as well.

9. Things to consider before choosing a Shopify Premium Theme for your Store

There are a few things to keep in mind before buying a premium Shopify theme for your store.

  • Your business: The type of business you run also determines the kind of theme you will be choosing even though most themes are customizable.
  • Features of the theme: The features of the theme are also important as certain themes have different features and some may not apply to your business.
  • Optimization: The theme you select should be well optimized for mobile and search engines. Customers should be able to access your website on all devices especially mobile, and also on time as well.
  • Support and updates: Customer support is one crucial part of a service and if you are paying for a theme, you need to ensure it comes with dedicated customer support. Also, the theme should get future updates for both the theme and all its additional features.

10. Do you need plugins for your Shopify store?

Yes, plugins are added features that ensure your website functions smoothly and provides a better experience for your customers. It’s always preferable to have plugins along with any Shopify premium themes for enhanced functioning. Here are a few plugins to make your store look and feel better:

Metafields Guru:


This is an app that can be integrated into your Shopify store to help you manage it better. The app allows you to manage meta fields directly in your Shopify store, allows you to import, export, and edit bulk meta fields. It is secure, fast, and simple to use.


Product Reviews:

product review

This is an app that allows you to share the experiences of your customers in the store. Customers can leave reviews on products that build the credibility of your website. The app has a flexible design to blend with your store’s theme, it will increase the sales of reviewed products, and improve your SEO results and rankings.



Now that you have been provided with all the basic information you need to know before buying Shopify premium themes, you are all set to create your online Shopify store. It is important to go over this article again for proper understanding and to clarify any confusion if you get stuck at any point. Keep your store simple and easy to navigate for your customers to give them the best experience.






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