Are you starting a blog on Shopify? You need to read this.

Are you starting a blog on Shopify? You need to read this.

Are you starting a blog on Shopify? You need to read this.

Shopify is primarily an eCommerce platform. It gives you a fantastic base to sell your products online. But that doesn’t mean you can’t blog on Shopify.

The blogging side of the Shopify platform isn’t as advanced as WordPress. But all the essential features are available. For most eCommerce websites, blogging is just a part of the marketing strategy that expands their business reach. So the basic blog features on Shopify are enough for them. Using these, the Admins can create blog posts, include photos and videos in the posts, and use categories, tags, comments, etc.

Most Shopify themes include the blogging module. So you can easily add a blog to your Shopify store. These themes also come with newsletter subscription forms and social media integration. All these can prove invaluable in attracting more website visitors.

However, if you want your written content to be the focus of your Shopify website, then you need a theme that’s specifically designed for blogging on Shopify. Some people may think that starting a blog on Shopify would be unnecessarily expensive. But it can be worthwhile if you plan to start your Shopify blog first, build your platform, and then sell your products. Also, until you are ready to use the eCommerce features of Shopify, you can Pause your store to reduce your costs.

If you are using Shopify for a blog, the important thing is to choose the best Shopify blog theme. There are many Shopify blog templates available in the market. But you need a theme that features your content in an attention-grabbing way. You need a Shopify blog design that is responsive, fast, and search engine optimized.

To cut your search short, here’s one of the best Shopify themes for blogging.

Ugo – Our best Blog Shopify Theme


It does not matter what you blog about. Your carefully crafted words deserve a carefully crafted showcase. If you want to start your blog on Shopify, you need a theme that can display your posts stylishly. Using this Shopify blog post template, you can easily add a blog to the Shopify website.

Check out Ugo Blog Shopify Theme. Every feature of this theme is carefully designed to deliver the best results. It displays your posts in an attention-grabbing way. You can use all the essential blogging features such as media embed in blog posts, tags, and categories. It supports multilingual content.

Here are the highlights of this beautiful Shopify blog template.

1.Beautiful Shopify blog design:

Ugo WordPress Theme - blog on Shopify

Just one glance is enough to fall in love with the minimal design of this Shopify blog theme. It is mesmerizing. This Shopify template for blog uses plenty of white space to give your website an uncluttered look. The theme’s subdued tones are contrasted with dashes of pleasant colors to add cheer to the web design. The layouts and typography give an ethereal feel to the web page. The web design of this Shopify blog page template is ideal for presenting creative writing. However, the theme uses neutral colors and typography, which gives it versatility. You can customize Ugo to suit any Shopify blog.

2.Shopify template for blogs with advanced visual elements:

What makes Ugo one of the best Shopify themes for blogs is its brilliant visual design elements. This Shopify theme is coded with HTML5 and CSS3. Using its Drag & Drop blocks, you can design your Homepage layout as you wish. Its various stylistic elements include Carousels, Slick Slider, and Full-width Sliders. You can easily customize these sliders and use them to feature your top blog posts.

This Shopify blogging theme also adds subtle animations and hover effects to your website. You can also use Parallax sections and effects to add more style to your Homepage.

Ugo WordPress Theme - Shopify for blog

3.Best Shopify blog theme with thorough optimization:

Ugo WordPress Theme - best Shopify blog themeUgo Shopify blog theme is highly optimized for speed, stability, responsiveness, and high search engine rankings. It uses the best SEO strategies to help your blog posts rank high on search engines. The responsive structure of this Shopify blog template makes it mobile-friendly. It ensures your website appears well on all popular devices and internet browsers. Ugo is optimized for speed, which makes it blazing fast. Being fast, responsive, and search engine friendly, this is one of the best Shopify themes for blogs.

4.Attract more newsletter subscribers:

Whether you blog on Shopify or any other platforms, attracting maximum subscribers is essential. Ugo can help you do it easily. Its various features include a stylish Newsletter Subscription Pop-up. You can easily customize and get your site visitors to convert into your subscribers. Ugo also supports MailChimp integration.

Ugo WordPress Theme5.Social media integration:

Social media sharing and followers help bloggers to expand their reach. Ugo Shopify template for blogs comes with excellent social media integration to attract many followers and shares. You can even add the sharing buttons on your blog images to encourage social sharing.

Ugo WordPress Theme

6.Ecommerce features

Although Ugo is designed for Shopify blogs, it does not ignore the Shopify platform’s eCommerce capabilities. It comes packed with advanced eCommerce features. So if you want to add a Shopify store to your blog later, you can do it without changing your theme.

Ugo blogging Shopify theme gives you 5 styles of Mega Menu with image support. The theme also supports multi-currency transactions. Other features include Ajax Sidebar Filters, Ajax Add to Cart, Pop-up Quick View, Product Sale Label, Product Grid & List View, Product Owl Carousel, Deal Countdown Timer, Product Image Zoom, Wishlist, and more. It also supports the Product Reviews app.

Ugo WordPress Theme


We think Ugo is one of the best Shopify themes for blogging. It has a polished and classy design. It is perfect for creative writers, poets, freelance writers, copywriters, scriptwriters, novelists, lifestyle bloggers, book reviewers, personal bloggers, travel bloggers, and such.

Ugo is built using advanced optimization technologies. It gives you a beautiful Shopify blog design, total customization control, and features to attract maximum readers and subscribers. So, if you wish to start a blog on Shopify, check out Ugo now.

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