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40 Best E-Commerce and Business Icon Sets

Ecommerce Icon Sets

Are you a graphic designer or any web business owner, looking to have some inspiration or interested in getting valuable icon sets? Then, here is an extensive package of “Ecommerce & Business Icon Sets”, which is sure to be a beneficial resource to fulfill your Professional needs.

You can find basic and also popular icons generally used in Business and eCommerce related websites. The most advantageous thing is the icon sets are extremely for free. We already know that icons are one of the key aspects for making a pleasant shopping or user experience with the easier navigation.

These icons will give a support for building a business website with professional looking UI elements. You can benefit from these icon sets, which help you improve the entire website performance that leads you to the successful sales conversions.

This package or resource features the icons like, Person, Money, Credit cards/Master cards, Gifts, Shopping bag, Offer/Price tags, Checkout and etc. Enjoy using these icons for your website and feel free to provide your feedback & comments

1. Shop Cart Icons

Shop Cart Icons


2. Cult–F – Free Icons

50 free icons

3. Sienna Exclusive Free Icons


4. Free Icon Set – Finance & Application

Finance and Applications: A Free Icon Set

5. Weby Free Icon Set

100 Free Icons – Weby Icon Set

6. E-Shop Icons

icons for some e-shop

7. Credit Card Icons

Credit Card Icons


8. Finance Icon Set

Finance Icon Set

9. Free Checkout Process Icons

Free Checkout Process Icons

10. Ecommerce Icon Set

Ecommerce Icon Set

11. Money Icons Set

Money Icons Set

12. Shopping Set Icons

Shopping Set - Illustration

13. Shopping Icons

Shopping Icons


14. Business Toolbar Icons

Business Toolbar Icons

15. Mini Designer Icon Set

Mini Designer Icon Set – 10 Free Icons

16. Free iPhone App Icon Kit

Free iPhone App Icon Kit

17. Glyphs by GSIX – Free Vector Icon Set

Glyphs by GSIX - Free Vector Icon Set

18. iPad 2 Icons

iPad 2 Icons

19. Shopping and Consumerism Icon Set

Shopping and Consumerism Icon Set

20. Shopping and Business Icons
Shopping and Business Icons

21. Payment Icon Set

Free PNG Credit Card, Debit Card and Payment Icons Set (18 Icons)

22. E-Commerce Icon Set

E-Commerce Icon Set

23. Ecommerce 2 Icon Set

Ecommerce 2 Icon Set

24. Online Shopping Icon Set

Online Shopping Icon Set - Natural Concept - Illustration

25. Infinity Icon Set
Infinity Icon Set

26. Shopping Icon Set

Shopping icon set - Illustration

27. Red Shopping Icons

red shopping icons - Illustration

28. Universal Shopping Icon Set

Universal icons - Shopping - Illustration

29. Shopping Icons

Shopping Icons

30. Shopping Icons – DuckFiles

Shopping Icons (Free PSD and PNG)

31. Monochromatic Iconset

Monochromatic Iconset _1

32. Trainee Iconset

trainee iconset 226 icons

33. Free Vector Net Icons

Free Vector Net Icon Set

34. JAG Tumblr Icon Set

JAG Tumblr Icon Set - Freebie

35. Aristocracy Free Web Icon Set

Aristocracy Free Web Icon Set

36. Mono Icons

Mono Icons - Part 1


37. Tonalite Ecommerce Icon Set

Tonalite Ecommerce Icon Set

38. Basket Icons

Basket Icons

39. Some Icons

Some Icons

40. Fresh Add-on Icons

FRESH Add-on


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