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Shopify jewellery theme

For entrepreneurs whose line of business is jewellery, they understand the need for an intuitive and attractive website to showcase their designs and products to the world. In this industry, it’s all about presentation so, that’s where you should focus too.

Shopify also understands this and offers a vast range of beautiful accessories themes to give your online store the glamour and sparkle it needs that customers get attracted to visit your website. You can select from a wide range of eCommerce web templates and customize your chosen theme as you want, to make it look perfect and that suits the needs of your business.

Shopify jewellery themes not only build a solid online presence of your brand, but they also help you tell your story to your customers and get on a more personal level with your potential buyers. You can also try new things like starting a blog, to take things to an entirely different level and establish your brand with strategic content marketing.

You get countless options from Shopify for your jewellery store, as every theme comes as a super flexible alternative that easily caters to your needs and wants. We have carefully curated Shopify jewellery themes list so that you can create a classy and elegant eCommerce website.

1)Corano ($48)

Corana WordPress Theme - Shopify jewellery theme


Corano Shopify theme is one of the top and impactful jewellery store themes in the market. It comes with 8 pre-made home page layouts as well as a full-blown RTL layout through which it becomes entirely translatable and supports multiple currencies. It is a fully responsive and cross-browser friendly theme ensuring a smooth browsing experience for users on different devices and using different web browsers.


  • Corano comes with Dark Version and Christmas Version
  • Comes with 3 header options and a mega menu
  • Product select and swatch options and product review feature.
  • Also comes with product comparisons and product countdown features.
  • Offers RTL inclusion along with 15+ preloader.

Demo Download

2) Broadcast ($180)

Broadcast WordPress Theme


Broadcast is a classy and elegant looking Shopify theme that is product-focused and comes with large image blocks. For businesses looking to attract lots of customers from their website, this template is perfect for a growing audience and increase sales. It comes in three styles- Clean, Modern and Bold- along with a wide array of colour flexibility and easy customization options.


  • With the lookbook feature, you can connect photographs to your products on your homepage.
  • You can view product details in a popup so that you won’t have to leave the current page
  • Display a customer testimonial section to increase reliability amongst your customer base.
  • Feature a homepage video or an auto-playing background video.
  • Offer a great blog experience with avatars and social sign in to your customers via Disqus
  • Display colour swatches on your product page for customers to see the available product colours.

Demo Download

3) Debut

Nomands WordPress Theme


Debut is a free Shopify template that is designed to showcase your brand and products beautifully. With this Shopify theme, you can get simple and elegant template features along with two awesome styles- Default and Light. It comes with drop-down navigation support and built-in styles and colour palettes.


  • The pickup availability feature shows the local shoppers where their items of interest are available for pickup.
  • Debut is built for small catalogues or stores with a small number of products.
  • You can also give product recommendations on product pages to increase discoverability.
  • Display live search results and quick links through the predictive search feature.
  • Now customers can filter products by type, and sort by best sellers and price on the collection page.

Demo Download

4) Kagami ($180)

Kagami WordPress Theme


Kagami is a multipurpose Shopify template that is best to promote a large category of products. If you own a store with a variety of products, then Kagami is for you. This feature-rich and clean Shopify template showcases your brand and product imagery in a dynamic masonry-style grid and comes with three different versions- Kyoto, Baptiste, and Geneve.


  • Kagami offers a masonry/collage-style layout where you can feature multiple products, posts, or promotions.
  • Make a dedicated FAQ page to share product or brand FAQs
  • Feature videos on your home and product pages
  • Feature two menus- a slide-out sidebar menu or a large horizontal menu.
  • Showcase multiple product or brand images on your home page with the help of the slideshow feature.
  • Give product recommendationson the product pages to increase discoverability.

Demo Download

5) Supply

Supply WordPress Theme


Supply is a free alternative to all the other premium Shopify jewellery themes, which guarantees outstanding outcomes. This theme helps present your brand on the web professionally and gets the sales going strong. It offers two versions to choose from- Blue and Light- both come with a clean interface.


  • Supply is ideally built for brands with large catalogues.
  • It comes with a mobile-friendly design and customizable content sections on the home page.
  • The customers can now filter collection pages by brand, price, and other customizable options in the sidebar.
  • It also comes with a drop-down navigation support
  • Offers built-in styles and colour palettes

Demo Download

6) Impulse ($180)

Impulse WordPress Theme


Impulse is one of the best eCommerce Shopify templates because of its exclusive and premium features along with variety of customization options. It comes with a mobile-friendly design and three styles included- Modern, Clean, and Bold. Users of Impulse worldwide have rated this theme 100%, making it the top-most contender in the industry.


  • Through custom collection sidebar filters, the customers can quickly browse and filter products.
  • Collection sub-listing feature allows displayingcollection tiles within another collection.
  • Custom promotion tiles feature to promote sales, discounts, and featured products
  • Now shoppers can see the location of where they can find the products offline.
  • Display menu lists on the home page for easy navigation of large catalogues.

Demo Download

7) Logancee ($59)

Logancee WordPress Theme


Logancee Shopify template offers a combination of robust features and elegant design along with different types of headers, styles and layouts. This theme is suitable for both the professional web developers and business owners to establish their presence online with a complete website along with elements such as landing page, sale promotion, sales product, etc.


  • Logancee comes with Font awesome icons integrated and advanced typography options
  • Mega Menu and Quickview feature for customers.
  • Well documented theme and comes advancedoptions
  • Unlimited colour and header styles with ajax cart.
  • Top-notch support.

Demo Download

8) Jewelry ($59)

Jewellery WordPress Theme


Just as the name suggests, this Shopify theme is a well-crafted and dedicated for women’s jewellery suitable for promoting and selling all types of jewellery products including decorative items, gems, gemstones, rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches, pendants, etc. Moreover, this theme comes with an amazing set of eCommerce features for your online store.


  • With Jewelry you can configure background and colour for header, content, footer and other modules easily.
  • Now merchants can use the Shopify Support internationalization
  • Customers can also to use the Shopify Language Editor to translate their content to another language.
  • Megamenu and full-screen slideshow.
  • One slick installation and easy customization.

Demo Download

9) Editions ($100)

Editions WordPress Theme


Editions are one of the best Shopify themes when it comes to promoting luxurious products like jewellery items, as it provides an attractive and eye-catchy interface. This theme comes with a customizable layout and retina ready display and is known for its product-focused design. It comes in three styles- Light, Spring and Modern.


  • With the multi-level drop-down menu, the customers can easily navigate your store.
  • Infinite scrollingautomatically loads the products in a single page
  • Product image zoom and filtering give the customers a closer look and extra product details
  • Buyers get to know the local and nearest location to buy the product offline.
  • High-resolution homepage slideshow with top-notch support.

Demo Download

10) Envy ($29)

Envy WordPress Theme


Envy Shopify theme is a multipurpose and clean theme suitable for all kinds of jewellery and accessories stores. This theme helps you set things up quickly and effectively, and with no experience,you canstart with your online business. It comes with four styles- Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Gothenburg- for you to consider.


  • It is a mobile-first design, created specifically for smaller devices and mobile commerce.
  • Share promotional messages with customers through marketing popup feature.
  • Customizable content sections on the home page.
  • Multiple product slideshow and promotional banners for increasing sales.
  • Instagram feed and product image zoom feature to keep customers engaged.

Demo Download

11) Cascade ($180)

Cascade Theme


Cascade is a distinctive and remarkable Shopify theme that works amazingly well for advertising jewellery and otheraccessories on the internet. Whether you are starting afresh online or redesigning your existing eCommerce website, this theme is your go-to solution. It is optimized for large images and comes in three styles- Classic, Bright, and Modern.


  • Cascade has a narrative-focused design where you can group different types of content to tell a unique story.
  • Mobile-ready theme to view your products on a desktop or mobile device.
  • Offers many colour schemesto highlight key content.
  • Product feature highlights to group and showcase similar content.
  • Feature a multi-column drop-down menu for easy navigation.
  • Highlight individual products in a masonry-style grid.

Demo Download

12) Atlantic ($180)

Atlantic Theme


Atlantic is a striking Shopify theme suitable for anyone who likesminimalism along with glamour. This jewellery theme is trendy, scalable and boosts conversions by presenting your products in a way that customers couldn’t resist themselves from shopping. It comes in four styles- Organic, Light, Modern, and Chic.


  • Atlantic offers a modular-style home page to showcase your brand.
  • It is ideally built for large catalogues.
  • The customers can now quickly add items to their cart without leaving their current page.
  • Multi-column drop-down menu and slideshow to show customers your wide range of products.
  • Also, get a drop-down navigation support

Demo Download

13) Expression ($180)

Expression Theme


Expression is a beautiful and elegant Shopify theme that is ideal for promotion-focused stores with small or large inventories. It is mobile-ready, retina-friendly, and is compatible with browsers. It comes in four awesome styles- Naturale, Innovate, Oxford, and Ocean.


  • Comes with a versatile sidebar area to display blog posts, images, advertisements, and much more.
  • Add a home page video to tell your story.
  • Feature multiple products in a grid-style layout.
  • Product image rollover feature enables customers to hover over products.
  • Comes with drop-down navigation support and built-in styles and colour palettes.

Demo Download

14) Modular ($180)

Modular Theme


Modular comes with minimalist and grid-focused designs for your websites. This simple and clean Shopify theme presents your products online in a distraction-free way with its three styles- Chelsea, Mayfair, and Hoxton. It comes with a variety of features and functions that call for an eCommerce website that meets elegance with style.


  • Continuous product scroll feature improves discoverability.
  • Customers can quickly add items to their cart without leaving their current page.
  • Showcase collections, products, or brand imagery in a grid layout.
  • Customers can filter collection pages by brand, price, and other customizable options.
  • Customer testimonials and pickup availability features for customers.

Demo Download


This exclusive list of the best Shopify jewellery themes is worthy of starting a new project or redesigning your online store. You can choose a premium one or go with a free one if you are a beginner. Don’t delay in choosing what best for your website and begin with your million-dollar journey.


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