26 Most-Wanted Beautiful Musical Websites

Music Websites

First of all, I would like to say that I’m crazy about Music and much passionate about it. Music is my only main inspiration which has brought me here with this compilation “Most-wanted Musical Websites”.

These days, rarely do people say that they don’t like or hate music anymore, while most others love it anyway. I feel that everyone should love music and enjoy it forever. Because music relaxes the self and your mind feels free from hassles.

Here, find a huge variety of musical websites with incredible features from extreme quality, digital downloads, media streaming, unlimited access etc. Cherish this collection of Most-Wanted Musical websites, be joyful and have fun!

1). AOL Music

Aol music

2). iTunes

i Tunes

3). Myspace Music

myspace music

4). Yahoo ! Music

Yahoo! Music

5). Sony Music

sony music

6). eMusic


7). 7digital

7 digital

8). Deezer


9). Grooveshark


10). Napster


11). Pure Volume

pure volume

12). Rhapsody


13). Simfy


14). Spotify


15). YouTube Music

Youtube Music

16). Amazon MP3

Amazon MP3

17). Beatport

Beat port

18). VEVO


19). iHeartRadio

i Heart Radio

20). Last.fm

last fm


21). Radio


22). We7


23). SoundCloud


24). The Hype Machine

The Hype Machine

25). The Sixty One

The sixty one

26). We Are Hunted

We are hunted

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