30 Impressive Free Photoshop Stripe Patterns

You may know that there are thousands of sources already out there online, for getting a variety of photoshop patterns. Now it is very popular using photoshop background patterns in web or graphic designs.

Now we are here to showcase you some simple yet extra-ordinary stripe patterns from photoshop designer’s collection. More than using textures, professional designers are interested in patterns instead. Whereas in this way, you will be free from the difficulty of using, and one can easily make evident to the creativity as well.

One more beneficial thing about the sharing is that you are almost welcome to download these photoshop patterns for free as well. And you can make use of these free stripe patterns for creating backgrounds in your websites, leaflets, posters and business cards etc.. Cheers !

1. Fancy Stripes

Fancy Stripes

2. Birthday Stripes

birthday stripes

3. Acid Zebra

Acid Zebra

4. Luscious Stripes

Luscious Stripes

5. Prisca


6. Colorful Stripes

colourful stripes

7. Bring that Back

Bring That Back!

8. Frontier Stripes

frontier stripes

9. Liz Wrapping Paper

liz wrapping paper

10. 80 Stripes

80 Stripes

11. Garden Stripe

garden stripe

12. Stripe Tease

stripe tease

13. Rum Stripes

Rum stripes

14. Neon Stripe

neon stripe

15. Temptation of Stripe

temptation of stripe

16. Cotton Candy Stripes

cotton candy stripes

17. White Stripes

White Stripes

18. Bubble Gum

bubble gum

19. Ice Cream Sociable

Ice Cream Sociable

20. Wedding Stripes

Wedding Stripes

21. Day Dreamer Ribbons

Day Dreamer Ribbons

22. Rainbow Stripes

rainbow stripes

23. Hibiscus Stripe

Hibiscus Stripe

24. Caffinated Stripe

Caffeinated Stripe

25. Japanese Sripes

Japanese Stripes

26. 1987


27. Stripe Dream

Stripe Dream

28. Late Stripes

Late Stripes

29. Stripped Friendship

Striped Friendship

30. Satin Tie

satin tie

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