15 + High Quality Free Flat UI Design Kits

Free Flat UI Design Kits

UI design kits will help you find a perfect way to kick-start your initiative in the web with simple to deploy user interface designs.  Web designers spend a lot time in making mockups for web pages, in which they design good-looking Web UI elements over and again.  If you are one of those who had to waste a lot of time in that process, check out our super useful flat UI designs that is a lot quicker.

There is no doubt that these flat UI kits accelerate the process without wasting your precious time in web page mockups.  This collection of “15 + High-Quality Free Flat UI Design Kits” will be very helpful in the initial stage of your web projects.  We are sure you will be interested in using these Flat User Interface Design Sets for your upcoming projects and we really look forward to seeing your creativity flow!     

List of  Free Flat UI Design Kits      

1) Flat Design UI Components

Flat Design UI Components: Brand new PSD UI kit comes in flat design that includes a set of beautiful components, which can be used to create websites and applications.  Free for download and use!



2) Flat UI PSD

Flat UI PSD: Here’s a freebie PSD of the widgets I’ve worked on for fun.  These are mainly design exercises that I did for warm-up/cool-down.  Check out the full size and/or download the PSD.  Hope you guys can get some use from it.  EDIT: Be sure to check out the follow-up to this.  EDIT 2: Arr! Check out the Drunken Parrot UI Lite (free)



3) Dark UI Kit

Dark UI Kit: You remember the UI Kit for handcrafter and freelancer.  Darth Vader asked me if I would create a dark version of this UI Kit. I said OK. Now we are friends!   Feel free to use this for your layouts and personal projects.  Also, I would be very happy if you share this and press L. May the Force is with you!  Hüseyin.



4) Flatimus ios Free UI Kit

Flatimus iOS Free UI Kit: Hi guys! Here’s a freebie PSD iOS.  Everything is ready for the retina display 326 ppi.  Check out the screenshot and or download the PSD.   I hope you will find a use for it.  Your likes, shares and comments make me happy!



5) Flat Transparent UI Kit

Flat Transparent UI Kit: Here’s another .PSD I created for Monkee-Boy Web Design as part of our Freebie Friday blog posts!  Follow the link to download and check out our huge repository of free design elements.   Enjoy!



6) Long Shadow UI Kit

Long Shadow UI kit : Flat design is a trend that may be closely followed right now; however, as for all trends, they have a life span.  No design trend lasts forever, as we are on a constant evolution. Just as flat design is trending now, the emergence of long shadow design has been rapidly growing too.  If you have been embracing flat and long shadow design, we present you this wonderful freebie – A long shadow flat UI kit created exclusively for ONEXTRAPIXEL by Revolge.



7) Free Flat UI Kit Rapid

Free Flat UI Kit Rapid: I prepared a flat design UI pack which I think it will help some needs of my designer friends. I tried my best in my spare time, hope you like it!



8) Zan UI Free Kit

Zan UI Free Kit: You can download the free kit



9) Pink Ui Kit

Pink UI kit: PINK UI KIT is an interactive Design, UI/UX, Web Design. This is my first project.  I hope you like it! Thank You for dropping by!



10) Blog Magazine Flat UI Kit

Blog Magazine Flat UI Kit:  Flat design is trendy these days!  This UI Kit includes a wide range of components which can be used to create clean, colorful websites.  Photos used for presentation are not included in the download, but everything else inside PSD is editable!  Format Layered PSD, Vector Shapes Yes, Minimum Photoshop Version CS4 Size 888 Kb.  UI/UX, Web Design.



11) Free Minimum UI Kit

Free Minimum UI Kit: Free Minimal Flat UI KIT comes in an Interaction Design, UI/UX, and Web Design.   I’m very happy to release this small UI Kit for everyone for FREE.  You can grab the UI Kit at http://dribbble.com/shots/1198602-Free-Minimal-Ui-Kit. Thanks.



12) Simplistic UI kit

Simplistic UI kit: Simplistic, Worlds MOST simple UI kit PSD attached! More freebies to come. You should follow me here or on Twitter for update! Adobe Photoshop Image 12 (473 KB)

Simplistic UI Kit


13) Square UI

Square UI: Square UI Free – User Interface Kit:  Today, we are pleased to share a new and beautiful UI Kit for designers featuring the flat design trend.  Square UI is our latest PSD User Interface Pack including a set of beautiful and pure components, which you can use to create startup projects, websites or iOS apps.

Square UI Kit


14) Flat UI Kit free

Flat UI Kit free: Flat UI Kit (Free PSD):  Devin Schulz’s Freebie of some elements.   I made for fun and it is for you to all enjoy.  Was a lot of fun to make, so I’ll be making more of these down the road.

Free UI Kit


15) Nexus 4 GUI

Nexus 4 GUI:  Finally, I did Android UI Design Kit PSD Ver. 4.2.2, with the size of Nexus 4 screen resolution.

Nexus UI Kit


16) Flat UI Kit

Flat UI KitJust put this little flat UI kit together.  I’ve attached the .Ai file for download.  Type face is Maven Pro from LostType, check it out HERE Thanks. Flat-UI-KIT


17) Free Flat Kraken UI Kit

Free Flat Kraken UI kit: My first UI kit try, which is an addition to pretty popular now flat UI style.  All hand-crafted in vector .ai and .eps format, layered and well ordered.  The font used is Open Sans, converted to outlines, for less clutter and easier use.  Feel free to download and use it.  Comments are much appreciated.  Check @2x!  Flat-Kraken-UI-Kit


18) Eerste Flat UI Kit

Eerste Flat UI Kit: Since the whole flat design trend started I began thinking of creating a flat UI kit just to see how easy/hard it can be to create flat design elements. The process has been an interesting one, it was a good experience, but Eerste is the first and the last flat free UI kit that I’ll be making and releasing.



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