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7 Creative Full Screen WordPress Themes

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Have you ever wondered what the one thing that differentiates your business is? It’s a creative website where your customers
take the first step of their journey to make you a success. Having a full screen theme does serve the purpose as it helps your customer get the most out of your website. Fullscreen web designs are useful for showcasing your projects and work as a photo journalist, designer, artist or photographer.

These full screen WordPress themes are designed without banners, sidebar and widget integration to keep your showcase minimal and clean. The images or video will occupy the entire page and some theme contains the audio to enhance the user experience. So today we make your search easier by presenting a collection of “15 + Creative Full Screen WordPress Themes” which will help you make your website the best ever.

1)  Kaleido ($45)

Kaleido Responsive Fullscreen Studio for WordPress

Demo Details

2) Lezzatos ($45)

Lezzatos: Restaurant Responsive WordPress Theme

Demo Details

3) Icarus ($50)

iCarus Fullscreen Studio for WordPress

Demo Details

4) Digon ($45)

Digon Responsive Fullscreen Studio for WordPress

Demo Details

5) Responsive ($45)

 Responsive Fullscreen Studio for WordPress

Demo Details

6) Photogra ($45)

Photogra - Fullscreen Responsive WP Theme

Demo Details

7) Titan ($55)

Titan Responsive Portfolio Photography Theme

Demo Details

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