10 Best Themes for Health and Wellness Shopify Stores

10 Best Themes for Health and Wellness Shopify Stores

Are you looking for good Health and Wellness Shopify Themes? Then you have come to the right place. In this article, we have listed 10 Health and Wellness Website Themes that we like the best. All these themes provide a feeling of calm and well-being. They have all the advanced features you need for powerful Shopify websites.

These Health Shopify Themes use the latest technologies and optimization techniques. Try any of these Health and Wellness Themes. You will get a website that loads fast, is mobile-friendly, and complements all your SEO efforts. Besides various e-commerce features, all these Health and Wellness Shopify Themes have blog, social sharing features, and newsletter subscription pop-ups.

Best Health and Wellness Shopify Themes

1)Aarogya ($59)

Aarogya WordPress Theme - wellness Shopify themes

Aarogya | Healthcare Nutrition and Wellness Shopify Theme

Aarogya is a clean and fresh theme perfect for Wellness Shopify Stores. This beautiful theme reflects the essence of holistic living. You can use the Aarogya Health and Wellness Shopify Theme for e-commerce websites of organic food, nutrition trainers, dieticians, health trainers, health coaches, yoga teachers, meditation centers, and more such health-related business websites. You can also use this Shopify theme to sell healthy food items, showcase healthy recipes, sell yoga clothing and accessories.

Aarogya Wellness Shopify Theme brings you all the features you need for a powerful Shopify health website. It uses Parallax background, animations, hover effects, sliders, carousels, and customizable icons to make your health web design modern and intuitive.

Top features:

  • 5 types of Mega Menu, add images in Menu
  • Stylist Slider, Product Owl Carousel
  • Cart Summary, Quick View, Ajax Cart, Sidebar Ajax Filters
  • Google Web Fonts, Font Awesome Icons
  • Pricing Tables, Video Embeds, FAQ, Team Showcase
  • Animated Mask, Animated Parallax Sections
  • Blog, Social Sharing, Newsletter Pop-up

Demo Download

2) Kriya ($59)

Kriya WordPress Theme - best themes for health and wellness

Kriya – Pilates, Yoga Shopify Theme

Kriya Yoga website theme can give you a unique web design for your yoga and wellness Shopify store. It is an excellent theme for all websites related to holistic living, naturopathy, yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, and herbal healthcare products. This beautiful Yoga website theme can give you a superb yoga web template for Kriya Yoga, Yoga Club, Yogashop, Anahata Yoga, Nirvana Yoga, Mandala Yoga, Dhyana Yoga, Wellspring Yoga, Yogazone, Yoga Coach, etc.

Kriya is one of the best Yoga web templates we have come across. It is especially great if you want to build a website for traditional healthcare and wellness therapies. Kriya’s readymade demo uses colors and icons that reflect Nature. This Yoga website theme makes excellent use of space and gives you a beautifully designed Navigation Menu, Pricing Tables, Portfolio Gallery, and other useful features.

Top Features:

  • 5 types of Mega Menu, Sticky Menu
  • Drag and Drop Homepage Blocks
  • Slick Slider, Product Owl Carousel, Product Featured Slider
  • Multi-currency support
  • Ajax Cart, Ajax Load More Option, Product Filters, Wishlist
  • Pop-up Quick View, Product Image Zoom

Demo Download

3) Shilpa ($48)

Shilpa WordPress Theme - yoga Shopify theme

Shilpa – Yoga Clothing & Fitness Shopify Theme

Here’s another gorgeous Health and Wellness Shopify Theme for your Wellness Shopify Store. It has a modern and professional look suitable for any health, wellness, and holistic living website. You can use this Yoga Clothing Theme to create a beautiful Yoga website design and sell yoga courses, clothes, and accessories. Shilpa Yoga Shopify Theme also fits the e-commerce stores of health coaches, nutrition specialist, fitness trainers, health clubs, holistic living classes, fitness courses, etc.

It is a beautifully designed fitness website theme with crisp layouts, advanced typography, sliders, carousels, and Parallax sections. The web design is further enhanced by beautiful animations, hover effects, and modern icons.

Top features:

  • Crisp and modern web design for health and wellness websites
  • 50+ Homepage sections
  • Stylish sliders, carousels, animations, hover effects, and Parallax sections
  • Ajax Add to Cart and Quick View
  • Advanced Mega Menu, Sticky Menu
  • Custom Product Tab
  • Ajax Sidebar Filters and Wishlist
  • Order tracking, Currency Switcher

Demo Download

4) Ashi ($59)

Ashi WordPress Theme - health and wellness Shopify themes

Ashi | Yoga Pilates, Fitness Shopify Theme

Ashi is a vibrant Shopify Health Theme for Health and Wellness Shopify Stores. Ashi gives you a lot of flexibility in designing your Homepage. You get plenty of choice for Header/Footer design, Mega Menu, Product Detail Page, Product Grid/List View, and page layouts.

This health e-commerce theme is excellent for selling yoga clothes, yoga mats, fitness equipment, exercise clothes, organic food, health food, and other such products. It can also help you create a beautiful spa website design. If you are looking for a modern and vibrant Health and Wellness Shopify Theme, you will like Ashi Fitness Shopify Theme.

Top features:

  • Modern and vibrant theme with lots of flexibility
  • Multiple Header, Footer, Product Detail Page styles
  • 5 Mega Menu styles, Sticky Menu
  • Coded with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Slick Slider, Product Featured Slider, Product Own Carousel
  • Ajax Filters, Ajax Cart, Ajax Wishlist
  • Drag and Drop sections
  • Blog, Social Sharing, Newsletter Pop-up

Demo Download

5) Esteva ($56)

Esteva WordPress Theme - wellness Shopify stores

Esteva – Nutrition and Wellness Shopify Theme

This Nutrition and Wellness Shopify Theme is perfect for health supplements e-commerce stores. You can use it to create a well-organized Shopify store for selling food supplements, vitamin pills, herbal medicines, organic healthcare products, and related items.

Esteva has multiple pre-made Homepage demos. It allows you to add Sale Labels within the Navigation Menu. There are also multiple Header/Footer styles to choose from. The features also include Instagram Post Slider and Blog Post Slider.

Top Features:

  • Mega Menu with Sale Label support, Sticky menu
  • Coded with HTML5 & CSS3 & Sass CSS
  • 360-degree product view, Video embed
  • Ajax Add to Cart, Wishlist, Ajax Grid & List View
  • External/Affiliate support, Full Oberlo Compatibility
  • Facebook Chat, Social Sharing, Blog, Newsletter Pop-up

Demo Download

6) Organicfood ($48)

Organic Food WordPress Theme

Organicfood – Organic Food Shopify Theme

As the name suggests, this is an organic food e-commerce theme. It has many powerful Shopify features that can help you create any Health and Wellness Shopify Store. This theme supports Dropshipping. It has several pre-made demos. These include multiple pre-made Homepage styles and predefined pages for Shop Page, Product Detail, Cart Page, Blog Page, etc. Organicfood’s Shopify health website templates support RTL.

You can use this Organic Food E-commerce Theme to create any Wellness E-commerce Store. You can use it for selling organic fruits, vegetables, organic beauty products, nutrition courses, diet plans, and so on. You can also use this Shopify theme for health and nutrition blog.

Top features:

  • Drag and Drop Page Builder
  • Mega Menu, Sticky Menu
  • Product Slider Section
  • Category Tabs Section
  • Ajax Mini Cart, Pop-up Cart
  • Quick View
  • Deal Countdown Timer
  • Multilingual, supports RTL
  • Blog, Newsletter Pop-up, social media integration

Demo Download

7) Helan ($59)

Helen WordPress Theme

Helen – Wellness Shopify Theme

Helen gives you a beautiful Spa website design for your Spa or health and wellness websites. The Spa website templates of Helen look soothing and give out the feeling of calm and luxury. This Health Shopify Theme’s web design looks clean, elegant, and polished. It incorporates elegant typography, soothing colors, subtle animations, Parallax effects, and beautiful icons.

With Helen’s spa website design, you get several stylish ways to display your services, facilities, and products. You can use the Helen Spa Website Theme for health spa, beauty spa, meditation center, yoga club, fitness center, etc.

Top features:

  • Elegant Spa Website Theme with Drag and Drop Shopify sections
  • 5 types of Mega Menu with image support, Sticky Menu
  • Deal Counters
  • Slick Slider, Product Featured Slider, Product Owl Carousel
  • Cart Summary, Ajax Cart, Sidebar Ajax Filters
  • Product Swatches
  • Attractive animation and tabs
  • Quick View option
  • Multi-currency support

Demo Download

8) Spa Treats ($55)

Spa Treats WordPress Theme

Spa Treats | Massage Shopify Theme

Spa Treats gives you a unique Spa website design. It uses earthy tones to reflect nature’s wholesome goodness. This Spa Website Theme is perfect for health spa and beauty spa websites. You can also use it for selling herbal beauty products, Ayurvedic products, and food supplements. It can also work well for health and nutrition blogs, and websites related to holistic living.

This Spa Website Theme gives you a full-width web layout, elegant spa services menu templates, beautiful spa blog design, and powerful customization features.

Top features:

  • Stylish slider, Mega Menu
  • Customizable Footer design
  • Shipping calculator
  • Custom jQuery Product Zoom
  • Customizable Sidebar
  • Working Contact Forms
  • Shortcodes
  • Blog, Newsletter Pop-up, Social Sharing

Demo Download

9) Axii ($55)

Axii WordPress Theme

Axii | Beauty Shopify Theme

Axii is a beautiful Shopify theme. Just check out its demo, and you’d be amazed at its visual splendor. Stylish sliders, elegant Call to Action buttons, advanced typography, animations, and hover effects ­­— this Spa Website Theme has it all. Besides providing a gorgeous spa website design, Axii is also great for beauty salon websites and wellness Shopify stores. If you are looking for a unique Spa website design that will make your website stand apart from the crowd, Axii is the theme for you.

Top features:

  • Spa Shopify Theme with stunning visual elements
  • 5 types of Mega Menu, Sticky Menu
  • Advanced typography and icons
  • Slick Slider, Product Featured Slider, Product Owl Carousel
  • Compare Products
  • Ajax Cart, Filters, Wishlist
  • Portfolio Gallery, Client Testimonial
  • Package Price List
  • Blog, Social Sharing, Newsletter Pop-up

Demo Download

10) Accu ($59)

Accu WordPress Theme

Accu | Shopify Medical Store, Health Shop

Acupressure and Acupuncture are ancient techniques for managing health. Accu Health and Wellness Shopify Theme is perfect for e-commerce websites dealing with these natural therapies. Along with the clean and practical design, Accu gives you all the features you need for a robust healthcare website.

Accu Shopify Health Theme has a clean and minimal design. Its features include a comprehensive set of Font Awesome Icons related to health and traditional medical therapies. You can use it to display your treatment plans, therapies, and run a convenient Wellness Shopify Store.

Top features:

  • Clean design suitable for all health and wellness Shopify websites
  • Coded with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Google Web Fonts, Font Awesome Icons
  • Mega Menu, Sticky Menu
  • Slick Slider, Product Owl Carousel
  • Compare Products
  • Drag and Drop Sections
  • Ajax Cart, Filters, and Wishlist
  • Blog, Social Sharing, Newsletter Pop-up

Demo Download


All the Health and Wellness Themes given above can help create a website that expresses a sense of well-being. These Shopify Health Themes are packed with brilliant features to help you create a robust Wellness Shopify Store. Whether you want to create a Shopify website for yoga, spa, acupressure, or any other traditional health and wellness therapy, these themes can help you. So go ahead, try their demos. We hope you’d find a theme perfect to create the Shopify store that you desire.


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