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10 + Best Flat Icon Sets for Free Download

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The flat icons are becoming more popular keeping with the flat trend in design. Everyone seems to love simple flat design and flat icons! If you are looking for such flat icons with a minimalistic design to make an impact and grab the attention of your audience, then this post is very appropriate for you. These icons are super easy to customize and could easily be scaled to any size to fit your design.

We have collected the best, flat icon sets that are inspiring and royalty-free.  Go ahead and pick the ones you like most and use it in your projects.  But remember to share your valuable feedback!

1) Ballicons Flat Icons

Ballicons the original flat icons set! Ballicons is a set of fully scalable icons featuring the flat design trend. Here is 80 (15 are free) icons that you can get for use in any of your projects. A little more information on the site: . There you can get free and paid versions of Ballicons. Enjoy!

ballicons flat icons


2) Colorful Flat Icons

Colorful Flat Icons:  Adobe Photoshop Image 12 (486 KB) from .  The icon set may be downloaded as .PSD files. Thanks.

Colorful Flat Icons


3) Shades Free Icons

Shades Free Icons: Adobe Photoshop Image 12 (181 KB) from   The icon set may be downloaded as .PSD files.

Shades free icons


4) 47 Free Flat Icons

47 Free Flat Icons:  Adobe Photoshop Image 12 (719 KB) from .  The icon set may be downloaded as .PSD files.  Thanks.

47 Flat free icons


5) Free Flat icons set

Free Flat icons set:  Adobe Photoshop Image 12 (4.18MB) from   The icon set may be downloaded as .PSD files.  Thanks.

Flat Icons Free


6) Icon Set for free

Icon Set for free:  Adobe Photoshop Image 12 (1.0 MB) from  The icon set may be downloaded as .PSD files.  Thanks.

Flat icon set free


7) 48 Free Flat Icons

48 Free Flat Icons:  Flatilicous 48 icon set from Link: -48-free-flat-icons-18.

48 Flat Free Icons


8) Vector Flat Icons

Vector Flat Icons:  Postscript File (279 KB) 2 attachments: 300kb. Maybe downloaded from:

 Vector Flat Icons


9) Big Flat Icons

Big Flat Icons:  zip File (444 KB) from

Big Flat Icons


10) M-Boy Flat Icons

M-Boy Flat Icons:  Done while at Monkee-Boy, download here:   blog/2013/07/freebie-friday-flat-icons/ Free for personal & commercial use enjoy!

M-boy flat icons


11) Free Icons Set 1.0

Free Icons Set 1.0:  Free set is finally released, see attached for download! All source files are included in the attached zip, but due to size constraints the psd is separate. That can be downloaded here: p2hze3bby0atb69/ also quick threw together a desktop background to accompany the icon set.

Free Icon Set 1.0


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